POZ June 2013

POZ June 2013

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Mark S. King

The Sound of Stigma

An essay by Mark S. King--an AIDS advocate, an author and a blogger living with HIV since 1985--on why HIV stigma among gay men persists.

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Artful Warriors

Visual AIDS fought early battles against the virus with its “Day Without Art” and the red ribbon. Twenty-five years later, it continues.

From the Editor

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We Are Family

I’ll never forget how accepted I felt seeing all the rainbow flags waving at my first LGBT pride parade.


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Letters-June 2013

I’m happy I escaped from the South! The medical system is a joke. Especially in Mississippi.


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Out of the Shadows

Paul Semugoma, MD, an openly gay physician from Uganda, advocates for LGBT and HIV/AIDS issues.

POZ Planet

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Beyond the Pale

John Grant sings of HIV and Ernest Borgnine.

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Koch vs. Koop

Two legacies reveal opposite responses to the epidemic.

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The New ’Normal’

Celebs sign up for an HBO movie of Larry Kramer’s AIDS play.

Robert Garofalo, MD, provides care and HIV prevention.

Fountain of Youth

Chicago’s Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV Prevention is movin’ on up.

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National HIV Coming Out Day?

Michael Kaplan, the CEO and president of AIDS United, proposed a National HIV Coming Out Day "to create a movement of people living with HIV t...

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To Be Continued

AIDS documentary How to Survive a Plague might return as an ABC miniseries.

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In the Beginning

New-York Historical Society looks at the epidemic’s first five years.

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The AIDS group files for bankruptcy.


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Immigration Status

An edited excerpt of Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal’s op-ed  titled “LGBT and HIV Equality Is at the Heart of Immigration Reform.”

Care and Treatment

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GMHC Treatment Issues June 2013

Next steps for PrEP: Getting a proven prevention option to the people who need it

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Generics Save Money but May Come With Risks

As first-line HIV meds lose their patents, the U.S. health care system stands to save nearly $1 billion a year by switching to generic drugs.

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TasP Movement Gains Momentum

Research is suggesting with increasing clarity and certainty that successful antiretroviral (ARV) treatment is a highly effective means of..

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PIs in First Trimester Linked to Premature Births

Pregnant women who use protease inhibitors during their first trimester have a more than 50 percent increased risk of premature delivery.

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Child ’Functionally Cured’ of HIV?

In March, word spread around the globe about what appeared to be the first documented case of an infant “functionally cured” of HI...

Research Notes

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Prevention: New Understanding of Old Vaccine

To date, just one HIV vaccine trial has managed to demonstrate only moderate effectiveness.

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Treatment: CD4 Tests Needed Only Yearly?

If you have an undetectable viral load, getting a CD4 test more than yearly is probably a waste of time, money and any anxiety it may cause.

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Cure: Gene Therapy Has HIV in a Bind

Stanford scientists have created a new way to manipulate the genes of CD4 cells in order to buffer them against HIV infection.

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Concerns: Health Threats Outside of AIDS

“Non-AIDS events,” or NAEs, are a significant cause of sickness and death among people with HIV—in particular psychiatric, l...

POZ Survey Says

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The Doctor Is In

Like any other relationship, the one between you and your doctor is ideally based on openness and good communication.

POZ Heroes

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When Ross Hayduk reached the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine, he became the first HIV-positive man to hike 2,084 miles of the Appalachian Tr...


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