POZ December 2021

POZ December 2021

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Donja R. Love

Visibility Is Survival

Playwright, poet and filmmaker Donja R. Love shares his vision with POZ founder Sean Strub.

2021 POZ 100

The 2021 POZ 100: Celebrating Black Advocates

This list spotlights the work of Black advocates—both HIV positive and negative—who are making a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Clockwise from top left: Mykki Blanco, Hydeia Broadbent, Trinity K. Bonet and Michelle Anderson

The POZ 100 A-C

The 2021 list celebrates Black advocates.

From left: Kenyon Farrow, Jasmine Christine Ford, Jeffrey Feliz-Ybes and Olivia G. Ford

The POZ 100 D-K

The 2021 list celebrates Black advocates.

Clockwise from top left: Rae Lewis Thornton, Marlene McNeese, Tiye Link and Jesse Milan Jr.

The POZ 100 L-P

The 2021 list celebrates Black advocates.

The POZ 100 R-Z

The 2021 list celebrates Black advocates.

Editor’s Letter

illustration of hands in a circle support concept

Lift Every Voice and Sing

I’m convinced that POZ remains as much of a vital touchstone as ever for both my fellow folks living with HIV and our allies.


White House with Red Ribbon World AIDS Day

Not Lost

The new Office of National AIDS Policy director seeks structural change and an end to the HIV epidemic.

POZ Planet

Turmoil and Transitions at the Black AIDS Institute

Discord surfaced when the board announced that Raniyah Copeland would no longer serve as president and CEO

Other 2021 Top-Level Changes in HIV Advocacy

A roundup of recent changes of leadership.

Unprotected By Billy Porter

Must-Read Memoirs

Five riveting and inspiring tales of life with HIV

Day with(out) art logo

Everyday: World AIDS Day Edition

Here are some World AIDS Day milestones.


light candles against stained glass windows

R.I.P. Carl Bean

NMAC executive director Paul Kawata shared his remembrances of his friend. Below is an edited excerpt.

Meeting DaBaby

Black leaders from nine groups released a joint statement about rapper DaBaby. Here’s an edited excerpt.

Care and Treatment

heart and beat wave illustration

Getting to the Heart of Cardiovascular Risk

If you’re living with HIV, you might be 50% more likely to experience heart disease compared with your HIV-negative peers.

Another HIV Vaccine Disappointment

An experimental vaccine regimen did not protect young women from acquiring HIV in a large study in sub-Saharan Africa.

HPV Virus illustration

HPV Vaccines: The Next HIV Prevention Tool?

Dozens of types of HPV can live in the human genital tract, which can increase a women’s risk of acquiring HIV.

in bed sleeping feet showing

Health Hacks for Happier Sex

Want more get-up-and-go in your sex life?


Doctor holding patients hands

Newly Diagnosed?

These eight steps will put you on a path to a long and healthy life with HIV.


mammogram tech and patient

Ask POZ – December 2021

What are the recommended cancer screening tests?

Research Notes

3D rendering of messenger RNA, or mRNA, strand

Prevention: mRNA Vaccine

A study of HIV vaccines that use the same messenger RNA (mRNA) approach as highly effective COVID-19 vaccines has been launched.

HIV Virus

Treatment: Rapid Dovato

A two-drug combination of dolutegravir and lamivudine can be a good option for people starting rapid HIV treatment.

test tubes with blue liquid and money in one tube

Cure: Cure Funding

HIV cure studies have led to many disappointments, but researchers continue to explore ways to achieve sustained viral remission.

arm with band aid after vaccine

Concerns: Hep B Vaccine

Guidelines recommend that people with HIV should be vaccinated against HBV, but some do not respond well due to weakened immune function.


A Life in Service

After giving so much of his life to helping the HIV community, Wilson is now concentrating on himself


illustration hands with hearts palms

’Tis the Season

December 2021 Survey

Digital Edition

POZ December 2021 cover POZ 100

POZ December 2021

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