POZ February-March 2002

POZ February-March 2002

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A Loving Spoonful

Girl meets boy. Boy has virus. What to do? Here’s a reality-checked guide to romancing a positive partner.

Non-Progress Report: Scenes from Rebecca Denison's med-and-illness-free 18 years with HIV.

Beat the Devil

Why do some med-free HIVers never get sick? New research is shining a hard-science light on stress and the mind-body mystery.

Drug Bust

One in three HIVers depends on ADAP for meds.

Inside the Issue

A Boy’s Own Story

Doug Hitzel spent the end of his teens chasing HIV. Now he’s 20, positive and sorry.

The Love Bug

How a powerful little microbe made Emily Carter really feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day

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Southern Discomfort

Harassed and reviled by her former employer, Sandra Flowers is basking in the sweet smell of justice.

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The Baby Boon

HIV positive South African Sisiwe Maqungo, 29, lost her daughter Nomazizi to AIDS when the child was only 9 months old.

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Say What?

"Without a conscious and focused emphasis on the tenets inculcated in the abstinence education approach..., sexual restraint tempered...

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Fund ’n’ Games

It was simply known as “the global AIDS fund” when UN Secretary General Kofi Annan made his $10 billion challenge last April.

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Hyde and Seek

In December, International Relations Committee Chairman and conservative congressional stalwart Henry Hyde, R-Ill., led House approval of...

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In January, this billboard, started to go up in Catholic (and AIDS) strongholds around the world, from Mexico to Kenya to the Philippines.

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Bar None

Florida Department of Corrections head med David Thomas, MD, is on a mission to boost HIV care for South Floridians behind bars.

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Test and Tell

A Tulane U. study showed that women with HIV and HIVers with CD4 counts below 200 were the most likely to reveal their status to family...

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Bike Drama

It looked like an amicable divorce when the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, beneficiaries of the...

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ABC Africa, New Yorker Films, opens February

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Mighty Reels

A vibrant, new cultural intersection made the map from November 30 to December 2, when the first San Francisco Black Lesbian Gay Bisexual...

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Dramatic Exit

Theater Down Under lost a towering figure on December 7, when Richard Wherrett, legendary founding director of the Sydney Theater Company...

Buzz Back From ICAAC

Resistance was all the rage at one of the year’s top AIDS research meetings -- but five new livers stole the show.

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7/7 Heaven

A lifetime supply of HIV meds at half the cost!

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Crib Notes

A combo platter of antiretrovirals and a common class of drugs for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) taken during pregnancy may be...

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Garlic Press

Garlic’s famed therapeutic properties have made the bitesize bulbs hugely popular among HIV positive folks.

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All those mixed messages about when to begin HAART may be unmixing a bit due to new research.

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Publisher’s Letter

When I first started HIV drugs, back in December 1994, I enrolled in a clinical trial at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

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According to Doug Ireland (“Darkness at Noon,” November 2001), the sky is falling and Armageddon is upon us.

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At 15, I was raped by a 23-year-old-man I was dating.


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