POZ January-February 2012

POZ January-February 2012

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Washington Warrior

Congresswoman Barbara Lee fearlessly leads the charge on Capitol Hill for people with HIV.

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Forgotten Sons

Rates of HIV among young black men who have sex with men continue to skyrocket, leaving people wringing their hands and asking, "What are...

From the Editor

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Freedom Fighter

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has been a relentless warrior for people with HIV/AIDS since she first came to Washington, DC, in 1998.


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Letters- January/February 2012

I agree that in the early days of HIV, outreach to gays did slow the progression of the virus. You need to bring that back.


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A World Free of HIV?

Michel Sidibé explains how UNAIDS’s new goal of zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related discrimination and zero deaths from AIDS are...

What You Need to Know

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HIV-Related Discrimination in the Workplace

In the United States and abroad, a barrage of incidents reveals that HIV discrimination in the workplace remains rampant.

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White House ’Just Says No’ to Legal Pot

In response to a petition to legalize and regulate marijuana, the White House said there is yet no scientific data to support legalization.

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Disclosure May Not Keep You From Jail

A Minneapolis man was found guilty of transmitting HIV despite informing his partner he was positive.

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A Walk in the Park to Remember

The Queer History Alliance has proposed turning Triangle Park in New York City into an AIDS memorial.

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AIDS Traced to 3 Chimp Hunters in Africa

According to the new book The Origin of AIDS, HIV in humans can be traced back to about 80 chimpanzees in Africa that infected about three bus...

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How Teens Have Sex

While many adults prefer to deny it, teens are having sex. 

We Hear You

Lessons in Love

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we ask: How does the dating game change after an HIV diagnosis?

What Matters to You

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Keeping Your Ticker Ticking

For some people, living with HIV can mean working extra hard to have a healthy heart.

Treatment News

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Vaginal Gel Blocks HIV—and Herpes

A microbicide gel containing the HIV drug tenofovir has been shown to be somewhat of a barrier to HIV.

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Hormonal Contraceptive Shots Raise HIV Risk

The injectable contraceptive Depo-Provera doesn’t just fail to protect against HIV—it actually raises the risk of giving and getting the...

Struggling With Your Hep C Treatment? Grab a Cup of Joe.

If you’re battling daily to keep taking your HIV meds and the drugs for hepatitis C treatment, consider pouring on the coffee. 

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Don’t Kid Around With Your Kidneys

Do you have HIV? Are you African American? Then tune in to some 
must-see videos all about kidney health at 

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Geography Trumps Fate

Where you live in the United States has everything to do with how well you live with—and your odds for surviving—HIV.

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Warning: Isentress Rash

The FDA has released new, critical information about the integrase inhibitor Isentress (raltegravir).

POZ Heroes

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Hey, Mr. DJ

James Perigny, also known as DJ Jimmy P, began his disc jockey career in the late ’80s, playing house music at some of New York City’s...


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