POZ March 2013

POZ March 2013

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Achieving the End

The executive director of AVAC, a global advocacy group for biomedical HIV prevention, outlines five major priorities for action in 2013.

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Falling Through the Cracks

We can strengthen two of the weakest links in the U.S. health care chain for people with HIV/AIDS—linking people to care and retaining...

From the Editor

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Let’s Stay Together

Editor-in-chief, Oriol Gutierrez, on closing the health care gaps for people with HIV/AIDS.



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Opening New Doors

Two years later, relocation fears from GMHC clients have been replaced with reinvigorated hopes.

POZ Planet

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Turn Up the Music

Chris Brown speaks up for the beautiful people at AIDS Project Los Angeles.

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Vivid characters, stellar prose and big ideas make these books must-reads.

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Country Remedy

This bisexual, HIV-positive Nashville singer offers the best medicine in town.

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Promoting PrEP

Manhunt searches for the right pitch.

Native Talents

South Dakota Urban Indian Health makes HIV a big part of its primary care offerings. 

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Bare Facts

The naked truth is that major cuts to federal AIDS budgets still loom.

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All Dolled Up

Barbie gives Liz her best fashion accessory. 

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Tickled Pink

Nicki Minaj and MAC reunite.


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The 360 Approach

As a gay African-American man who has lived with HIV for 26 years, POZ blogger Aundaray Guess understands the challenges gay black youth...

Care and Treatment

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See You in Six Months?

If you have an undetectable viral load, it’s possible that you might need to see the doctor only twice a year, saving money, time and...

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Studying Risk Factors for Mental Decline

High rates of cognitive impairment among people with HIV are due to the same factors that affect HIV-negative people.

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Implementing Health Care Reform

President Obama’s re-election means that the Affordable Care Act (the national health care reform law) is on track for implementation on Janua...

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Pregnant Women Struggling With Adherence

Over a quarter of HIV-positive pregnant women and half of those during the postpartum period aren’t adhering to their antiretrovirals properly...

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GMHC Treatment Issues March 2013

The HIV/AIDS and Cancer Community Research Collaboration

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HPV Vaccine May Benefit Women With HIV

HIV-positive women may benefit from the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. 

Research Notes

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Prevention: Latino Epidemic Varies by Region

A recent analysis of surveillance data found that the rates and transmission routes of HIV among Latinos vary by region of the United States.

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Treatment: Atripla vs. Stribild and Complera

Atripla (efavirenz/emtricitabine/tenofovir) still reigns supreme, but two other drugs might work as well, or even better, when used as compone...

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Cure: A Cat-and-Mouse Vaccine Game

A recently discovered, natural immune response to HIV may become a vital piece in the larger vaccine puzzle. 

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Concerns: Ex-Inmates Aren’t Retained in Care

The opportunity for HIV care is standard in U.S. jails, but only about 38 percent of people who get treatment in jail are retained in care six...

POZ Survey Says

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Listen to Your Heart

As we get older, our risk for cardiovascular disease increases. But it’s also a growing concern for people living with HIV.

POZ Heroes

Spencer Cox

Farewell, Friend

The passing of our cherished friend and comrade Spencer Cox on December 18, 2012 cut us deeply and painfully.


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