POZ May 2007

POZ May 2007

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Lost in America

Meet several undocumented HIV positive immigrants struggling to live stateside. They’re outside the fabled melting pot—and even farther...

POZ Magazine

A League of His Own

A positive, former all-American football star gets drafted to another team with a goal: The Campaign to end AIDS.

POZ Magazine

Ready, Willing and Abled

Managing HIV is tough—imagine doing it blind or from a wheelchair. Two physically challenged positive people, Anthony Richardson and Gre...



Why people with HIV want cannabis from a drugstore, not a dealer

POZ Magazine

Those Other Smokes

Lung cancer rates soar in people with HIV—and not because of cigarettes alone.

POZ Magazine

Shock Jock

How one man jolted the pain that hobbles 30% of positive people

POZ Magazine

With a Trace

A mineral may supplement CD4s—but dose it right.

an African American man doing a bicep curl with a dumbell

Trainer’s Bench-May 2007

Should I lift on a full or empty stomach? Morning, noon or night?

Ask The Sexpert-May 2007

When HIV hooks up with erectile disfunction

POZ Magazine

The Tipping Point

Advocates rally around a radical circumcision study

POZ Magazine

Brazilian Bombshell

Is Brazil’s lifesaving free HIV treatment program about to explode?

The Mother of Us All

I tried to forget all about Mother’s Day for a few years there,” says Nita Pippins.


POZ Magazine

All Our Children

Is American television ready for HIV positive characters to give birth? Tune in tomorrow...

POZ Magazine

Island in the Stream

Puerto Rico faces AIDS funding corruption—and a health care catastrophe?

POZ Magazine

Desert Storm

A lingering Libyan nightmare

POZ Magazine

You Betcha

Illinois gambles on two new prevention bills

POZ Magazine

Pillow Talk

Scientists give HIV a killer case of insomnia

POZ Magazine

Home of the Brave

Spittin’ verses and high drama—a positive troupe’s ticket to healing

POZ Magazine

POZ Asked Three Positive New Yorkers:

Will you use NYC’s new line of subway-themed condoms?

POZ Magazine

Blood, Sweat and Tears

An octogenarian AIDS activist takes on China

POZ Magazine

Thanks, but No Thanks

Jesse Cameron Alick finds stigma lurking in his friends’ backhand compliments.

POZ Magazine

Where’s the Party?

On Ann Silver’s first anniversary with HIV, the gifts and life lessons arrive late.


POZ Magazine

Editor’s Letter-May 2007


POZ Magazine

Mailbox-May 2007

I could relate to the two young HIV positive mothers Chelsea Gulden and Diana Ragland in the article “Labors of Love” (January 2007).

POZ Magazine

Catch of the Month-May 2007

What’s your guilty pleasure? That would definitely be chocolate cake.


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