POZ October 2009

POZ October 2009

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Sex Crime

More HIV-positive people are being criminally prosecuted for not disclosing their HIV status before sexual encounters—sometimes even when...

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The Tales of Hofmann

POZ editor-in-chief Regan Hofmann discusses her life as a journalist, HIV advocate and woman living openly with the virus in her memoir.

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Fighting for Our Freedom

POZ editor-in-chief Regan Hofmann sat down with Hanssens to discuss the issue of the criminalization of HIV transmission.


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Satisfy Yourself

How to overcome loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, which top the list of sexual problems for men with HIV. 

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Open Wide

I’ve always hated going to the dentist, and I’d avoided it ever since childhood.

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Heart Beats

Recent evidence suggests that women living with HIV may not have a higher risk of heart disease than their negative peers. Comparing 249...

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Go With the Flow

Neti pots, which help cleanse nasal passages, can ease the symptoms of sinusitis, allergies and chronic headaches.

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Change of Life Doesn’t Change Treatment

Ladies: Menopause may make you sweat, keep you up nights and have you bursting into tears without warning. But here’s some cool news.

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Word Up: HIV Sanctuary

Picture that wily little virus taking refuge from your meds, and you’ll grasp this term.

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Eye of the Storm

As HIV infection rates continue to mount around the globe, researchers, advocates and people living with the virus gathered for the Fifth...

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Berry Brouhaha

Does acai boost your health—or just bust your budget?


pile of mulit color condoms in clear plastic wrapers

Condom Lockup

Condoms can prevent HIV, a virus that disproportionately affects African Americans.

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Greater Expectations

A new campaign challenges the media to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in black communities.

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Recommended Reading

Positive books for you

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Radio Static

Known more for dishing celebrity gossip than for giving out guidance, Wendy Williams has entertained audiences on her radio show for the...

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The Tamiflu Blues

H1N1 makes Shari Margolese and her son feel like pariahs.


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Your Feedback-October 2009

I knew there was a reason I fell in love with Rachel!

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Editor’s Letter-October 2009

Crime of Punishment

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Making It Work

Clothes may not make the man—but they can make a difference. Just ask Malvin Vien, whom fashion fanatics will recognize from the current...


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