POZ October-November 2012

POZ October-November 2012

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The Show Must Go On

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS supports nearly 400 HIV and family service programs nationwide, as well as AIDS research and advocacy.

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A Capital Affair

Science suggests that it’s possible for us to start to end AIDS.

From the Editor

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Trench Warfare

The key message I hoped to hear at the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, did in fact ring through loud and clear.


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Letters- October/November 2012

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi’s last remark was on the need for innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration and funding.


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Full-Court Press

Scott A. Schoettes of Lambda Legal outlines the battle being waged in U.S. courts over HIV criminalization.

What You Need to Know

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Jamar Rogers’s Voice Will Go On

We haven’t heard the last of Jamar Rogers, the HIV-positive former meth addict who captured America’s hearts and ears on The Voice.

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Olympic Winner Tells the World He’s Positive

The summer Olympics inspired awe among billions. For gay Australian Olympian Ji Wallace, they inspired a public disclosure that he has HIV.

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Pesky Email Spam Offers Clues for Eradicating HIV

David Heckerman, the guy who invented Microsoft’s email spam filter, is now fighting another type of invader: HIV.

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Infant Circumcision Grows to Global Debate

The health benefits of circumcising baby boys outweigh the risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics says in an updated policy statement.

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Why Folks With HIV Can Be Excellent Transplant Recipients

Appearing on 
a July episode of the ABC medical documentary series NY Med, John Rankl inspired and educated millions by sharing that he...

We Hear You

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Dr. No

A case of HIV discrimination by a medical practitioner made national headlines recently when a New Jersey man living with HIV sued a Catholic...

POZ Survey Says

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Taking Risks to Help Others

All HIV-positive people alive today because of their meds owe a bit of gratitude to yesterday’s clinical trial volunteers.

What Matters to You

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Finding an HIV Vaccine

While HIV meds can keep positive people healthy and simultaneously lower their risk of spreading the virus, too few people have access to trea...

Treatment News

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Detecting the Missing Link Between HIV and Brain Drain

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center have released data that HIV interferes with a protein that supports brain function.

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Point of Reentry: Getting Prisoners HIV Care

For the estimated 2 percent of prisoners in this country who are living with HIV/AIDS, release from prison brings challenges—finding hou...

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New Booster in Town: Cobicistat

Cobicistat, a new pharmacokinetic (PK) enhancer from Gilead Sciences, is set to unseat Abbott’s Norvir (ritonavir) as the only approved...

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Bronx Cheer: An HIV Testing Program Shows Progress

In a New York City borough hard hit by HIV, a city health department program is putting a dent in the epidemic.

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The “War on Drugs” Spreads HIV

The global war on drugs is driving the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Comfort Zone

POZ Magazine

Dear Diary

Whether you’re grappling with a temporary frustration or an ongoing sense of anger or sadness, the act of writing about your negative feelings...

POZ Heroes

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Hip-Hop Soul

When Kathleen Adams, a student at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York, surveyed the way women of color were portrayed in mainstream medi...


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