POZ September 2022

POZ September 2022

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Yolanda Santana

Living With HIV and Limited Mobility

Aging and other conditions often pose additional challenges for those with HIV.

Nick Melloan-Ruiz

Supporting Inclusion

All aspects of HIV prevention and care must be accessible to everyone.

Lee Daniels  at the 2021 Met Gala in New York City

Raw Reality

Lee Daniels confronts his demons by caring for his communities.

Editor’s Letter

illustration of elderly with mobility issues can walker scooter

Move On Up

In this special issue dedicated to aging with HIV, our cover story explores the intersection of living with HIV and limited mobility.


"Nurse Bobbi Campbell," HealyKohler Design

Poster Art

Three curators discuss their recent exhibitions and the pivotal role of HIV and AIDS posters.

POZ Planet

A screenshot of the digital Quilt

The Quilt at 35

A display of nearly 3,000 panels marked a return to its birthplace.

dog tags

Defense Department Updates Policy

Those with undetectable HIV can deploy.

An images from Songs for a Memorial at the NYC AIDS Memorial

Do You Wanna Funk?

Songs of the early HIV epidemic

Jessica Zajesky

Coming Full Circle

Jessica Zajesky, RN, works as a nurse at a facility where her mother was once a patient living with HIV.

National Gay Men’s  HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Everyday – July/August 2022

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


hand and infinity symbol painted in light

Never Ending

In a blog post titled “What Fresh Hell Is This?” NMAC executive director Paul Kawata reflects on monkeypox in the context of trauma and HI...

Shawn Decker

Times of the Sign

In a blog post titled “Synthetic Division: The Times of the Sign (1992–2022),” POZ contributing writer Shawn Decker explains.

Care & Treatment

illustration downward pointing arrows

HIV Testing and Diagnosis Fell During Pandemic

National HIV testing and diagnosis rates dropped dramatically in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic..


Breakthrough COVID-19 Risk

People living with HIV appear more likely to get breakthrough COVID-19 and severe illness after vaccination.

two women talking and laughing

Health Care for Trans Women With HIV

Transgender women have the highest HIV rate in the United States.

image from ANCHOR Champaign

Screening and Early Treatment Reduce Anal Cancer Risk

Screening for abnormal anal cell changes and treating them early can reduce the risk of progression to anal cancer in people with HIV.

Research Notes

generic blue pills

Prevention: PrEP on Demand

On-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) taken before and after sex—known as PrEP 2-1-1—is as effective and well tolerated as daily pills...

calendar with red pin on 14

Treatment: Lenacapavir on Track

Lenacapavir, a long-acting HIV capsid inhibitor, is back on track after the Food and Drug Administration lifted a clinical hold on the drug.


Cure: Viral Reservoir

People with HIV who start treatment before their CD4 T-cell count falls below 800 have a substantially smaller viral reservoir.

bathroom scale

Concerns: Wasting Syndrome

The loss of fat and lean body mass known as wasting syndrome is still a problem, affecting nearly one in five people living with HIV.


Monkeypox virus


In May, an outbreak of monkeypox began in Europe and North America.


Milton Garcia Ninja

Walking Ahead

“Without unity, there is no community.”


illustratoin man holding huge hourglass

Aging With HIV

What’s it like getting older with HIV?

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Yolanda Santana

POZ September 2022

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