Here are the treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. French Man With HIV Transmits Virus While Off Meds During Cure Trial
Posted: February 28

2. Even When Well Treated, HIV Is Linked to Advanced Aging
Posted: January 17

3. First-Ever Case of Spontaneous HIV Clearance Reported in Australia
Posted: July 1

4. Long-Acting Injectables May Be Given Once Every Other Month
Posted: August 27

5. A 2nd Man’s HIV Is in Long-Term Remission, but Is He Cured?
Posted: March 5

6. Descovy PrEP Works Equally Well, May Be Safer for Kidneys and Bones
Posted: March 8

7. Among Those With HIV, Additional Health Problems Occur in Six Clusters
Posted: April 10

8. Case of On-Demand PrEP Failure Reported in Australia
Posted: March 22

9. Many Women on HIV Treatment Are at Risk of Developing a Detectable Viral Load
Posted: May 21

10. Oral Cabotegravir Combo Keeps HIV Suppressed for 6 Years
Posted: October 14

11. FDA Approves Once-Daily Descovy for PrEP
Posted: October 3

12. ViiV Applies for Approval of First Long-Acting Injectable HIV Regimen
Posted: April 29

13. CRISPR and LASER ART Eliminate HIV in Mice
Posted: July 5

14. FDA Approves ViiV’s Two-Drug Dovato to Treat HIV
Posted: April 8

15. Generic PrEP to Arrive in September 2020, but Will Big Savings Follow?
Posted: May 9

16. HIV May Persist in the Brain Despite Antiretroviral Treatment
Posted: July 15

17. Scientists Take First Step Toward Using CRISPR to Cure HIV in Humans
Posted: September 13

18. Outbreak of Rare Virulent Strain of HIV Among Gay Parisians
Posted: November 7

19. New Molecule Identified That May Further Suppress Effectively Treated HIV
Posted: August 14

20. People Seeking PrEP Face Numerous Nonfinancial Roadblocks
Posted: November 22

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