POZ April-May 2021

POZ April-May 2021

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Deondre Moore

Raising HIV Awareness Among Young People

Youth advocates seek inclusive sex education for their peers.

illustration black and white clock hand with vaccine syringe

A Shot in the Dark

We got COVID-19 vaccines in record time. Why are HIV vaccines taking so long?

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

When I Was Young

Young people account for 21% of new HIV diagnoses annually. Our April/May issue looks at ways to raise HIV awareness among youth.


Dey Armbrister

Serving Sexual Health

Whether he’s pole dancing or leading Impulse Group NYC, Dey Armbrister builds community.

POZ Planet

Cameron Cooper and Keimante Wright in Brown Skin by Vincent Marc

Visual Manifesto

Impulse Group NYC’s art, book curated by LaQuann Dawson, is a queer Black family album and an unapologetic road map.

Promotional art for It's a Sin

Sex, Death & Shame

The hit British miniseries It’s a Sin tackles AIDS in the ’80s.

Iris House’s Simply Glow’d campaign promotes HIV, STI and hepatitis C testing among youth and young adults.


Iris House encourages young people to get tested.

Everyday – April/May 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.


Nushawn Williams

Fighting for Nushawn

Bryan C. Jones shares why he cofounded a coalition to help a Black man who was labeled an AIDS monster in the ’90s.

Blue petunias and a white butterfly

Peer Recovery

Luis Viera, a graduate of the Peer Recovery Education Program at The Alliance for Positive Change, testifies about living with HIV.


Joseph Sonnabend

R.I.P. Joseph Sonnabend

People pay tribute to Joseph Sonnabend, MD, “the first AIDS doctor,” on social media following his death.


Hepatitis C virus model, 3D illustration.

Viral Hepatitis

If left untreated, hepatitis B and C can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.


healthy diet healthy foods

Ask POZ – April/May 2021

What are the latest diet and nutrition guidelines?

Care And Treatment

syringe and vial needle vaccine

Monthly Injectable Cabenuva Approved

Injectable cabotegravir and rilpivirine are approved for people with viral suppression who would prefer monthly injections to daily pills.

Antibody 3D illustration blue and green Y shaped

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Show Limited Success

The new prevention approach shows promise, but it isn’t heading to the clinic anytime soon.

pregnant woman

Updated Pregnancy and Perinatal Guidelines

The Department of Health and Human Services has updated its HIV treatment and prevention guidelines for pregnant people and their infants.

red AIDS ribbon and 100 dollar bills

HIV Treatment for All Could End the Epidemic Faster

A new CDC model shows that more treatment and less PrEP Would slash new HIV cases by 94%.

Research Notes

Calendar month of April with red push pin

Prevention: Monthly Oral PrEP

Monthly islatravir pills are just one of the long-acting options in the HIV prevention pipeline.

HIV attaching to cell

Treatment: HIV Capsid Inhibitor

Lenacapavir shows promise for long-acting HIV treatment and prevention.

map of South American with Agentina flag

Cure: Another Cure

An Argentine woman appears to be free of HIV long after stopping treatment.

smart phone with the work doctor with a stethascope

Concerns: Telemedicine Risk

An HIV clinic saw a 31% lower likelihood of viral suppression after transitioning to telehealth due to COVID-19.


Derek Canas

Operation D-REK

Derek Canas raises HIV awareness from the DJ booth.


illustration of a vaccine being given while wearing masks

You and COVID-19

April/May 2021 Survey

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POZ April May 2021 cover

POZ April/May 2021

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