POZ July-August 2021

POZ July-August 2021

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HIV and COVID-19: Getting HIV Care Back on Track

Lessons learned from HIV have informed the response to COVID-19, but has the new focus derailed HIV services?

AIDS activists protest at the Food and Drug Administration’s headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, on October 11, 1988.

AIDS Activists Pave the Way

Three decades ago, HIV advocates helped lay the groundwork for the response to COVID-19.

illustration needle and mother holding baby

Can HIV Treatment Prevent All Transmission of the Virus?

Researchers address unanswered questions about HIV transmission through breastfeeding and injection drug use.

POZ HIV Drug Chart 2021

2021 HIV Drug Chart

This quick-reference chart compares antiretroviral (ARV) options for the treatment of HIV, including adult dosing and dietary restrictions.

Editor’s Letter

illlustration science research dna test tubes ect

Brand New Day

Although the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, the U.S. outlook is truly improving.


rainbow flag colors world map illustration

Health and Human Rights

The new executive director of MPact shares his vision for the future of the global organization.

POZ Planet

Samuel R. Delany and Frederick Weston

Art, Sex and Times Square

Two queer Black artists discuss it all in the latest Duets book from Visual AIDS.

Patrick O’Connell in a 1994 POZ profile.

AIDS Art Visionary

Patrick O’Connell, the first director of Visual AIDS, died of AIDS-related illness in March 2021.

DOFL restaurant Indochine Asian Dining Lounge,Tacoma, Washington

A Toast to 25 Years of Dining Out to Fight HIV

For the past 25 years, Dining Out For Life has served up opportunities to support local restaurants and AIDS service organizations.


Everyday – July/August 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


cut out figures stacked like a house of cards

The HIV Movement Must Come Through

HIV activist JD Davids outlines how people with HIV can be good allies to people with long COVID.

Research Notes

illustration of DNA

Prevention: mRNA Vaccine

The same messenger RNA (mRNA) technology used for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines also shows promise for HIV.

pages of a calendar days of the week

Treatment: 4-Day Treatment

Taking antiretrovirals for four consecutive days each week followed by a three-day break may maintain suppression as well as daily pills.

needle going into vial vaccine

Cure: Vax for a Cure?

Therapeutic HIV vaccines could one day be part of a combination strategy for achieving a functional cure for HIV.

top of totem pole

Concerns: Native Americans

HIV diagnoses rose among Native Americans and Alaska Natives between 2014 and 2018, but death rates decreased.


photo collage of clock, calendar and clouds

Ask POZ – July/August 2021

Do I need to take meds daily?


mans feet on scale with measuring tape on floor

Weight Gain and HIV

Keeping your weight under control lowers the risk of many health problems.

Care And Treatment

childerns numbered blocks

Tivicay, Biktarvy Are Tops for Tots

There are now more once-daily treatment options for the tiniest members of the HIV community.

bed sheets and pillow

Sleepless Nights? You’re Not Alone

Insomnia is all too common among people living with HIV.

black man holding hands to heart eyes closed smiling

Cholesterol Drugs Boost Survival

A recent study reported found that cholesterol-lowering drugs were linked to reduced mortality among people living with HIV.

collage of bottle and cigarette

Pick Your Poison

What’s worse for HIV outcomes: smoking or heavy drinking?


Dafina Ward

Fight With Us

Since last December, Dafina Ward has served as the executive director of the Southern AIDS Coalition.

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