POZ June 2022

POZ June 2022

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Adam Castillejo

Life After HIV

Adam Castillejo, aka the London Patient, continues to advocate for a widely applicable HIV cure.

illustration of crystals crystal meth concept

Meth Still Kills

Crystal methamphetamine continues to ensnare gay men, distorting their sex lives and increasing their HIV risk.

Editor’s Letter

map of Britan and phone booth illustration

London Calling

As a Cuban American, going to Cuba was a sort of homecoming. As a native New Yorker, seeing London was like looking at a mirror image.


Vishwas and his husband, Joe, in front of Vishwas’s art in 2021

Advice From the Gay Crow

Long-term HIV survivor and author Vishwas Pethe shares his secrets to happiness.

POZ Planet

Lil Nas X

Pride & Prevention

LGBTQ and HIV news

The Reunion Project logo

Tool Time!

Creating a virtual tool kit for long-term survivors

National HIV testing Day logo

Everyday – June 2022

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Please go to to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


4 pretty women facing one another profiles

Including Women

In an opinion piece, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation lays out concerns about research and offers solutions for inclusion.

two gay men embrace and laugh

Centering PrEP

Madeline C. Montgomery, MPH, shares what she and her colleagues learned when they asked queer men about pre-exposure prophylaxis.


Billy Porter, Eric McCormack, David Furnish and Lady Gaga

Back on the Scene

The always-resilient HIV community will face head-on whatever future challenges come its way.

Care and Treatment

Who Has the Highest Lifetime HIV Risk?

“To end the HIV epidemic, we need to provide equitable access to people who could most benefit.”

rapid hiv test

Are Home Tests the Wave of the Future?

In the midst of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tried a similar approach for HIV testing.

blue pills money pill bottle healthcare cost

ADAP Not Keeping Pace With A Changing HIV Epidemic

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) use appears to be growing consistently among men and women and among young people.

black hand hold prison bars

HIV Care in Jails Doesn’t Measure Up

When the researchers asked folks about their experience of care while in jail, only 30% said it was satisfactory.

Research Notes

PrEP pills and injectable concept syringe

Prevention: PrEP Benefits

Some people say they find long-acting injections more convenient than daily pills, which could increase uptake and adherence.

pen and calendar with number days

Treatment: Lenacapavir

They started on lenacapavir pills and then switched to injections every six months plus an optimized back-ground regimen.

new york skyline at night red Empire State Building

Cure: Another Cure?

She has not experienced viral rebound and tests negative for HIV antibodies.

finger touching heart with heartbeat line

Concerns: Heart Risk

Previous research showed that HIV-positive people have higher rates of cardiovascular problems.


African American Black woman laughing on couch

HIV and Aging

Over half of people with HIV and 17% of those newly diagnosed are 50 and older.

Nutrition & Fitness

Mushroom & Egg Toast

Mushroom & Egg Toast

So easy and so very good

What are the Benefits of Exercise?

Physical activity also reduces the risk of comorbidities that occur at higher rates in people living with HIV.


Hunter Reynolds

An Artful Life

His work is profound, beautiful, at times startling and always ferociously honest.


items in Emergency to go bag

Be Prepared

When disaster strikes, will you be ready?

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