Cover: Serodiscordant couple (and Atlanta-based advocates) David Massey (left) and Johnny Lester are committed to each other—and to overcoming challenges to their union. Inside: Portraits of AIDS activists in a new book by photographer and ACT UP member Bill Bytsura; the road ahead for HIV cure research. Plus: #LivingwithHIVwhileBlack by blogger Aundaray Guess.


Cover: Understanding the undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U) movement, plus a pullout poster with tips for communicating the message. Inside: Why it’s important to ensure health equity for all people living with HIV, regardless of viral load; the winners of the 2018 POZ Awards. Plus: A Q&A with Raniyah Copeland, the new president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute.


Cover: The 25th anniversary issue of POZ features a gatefold cover showing a collage of many folks who have graced the cover since 1994. Inside: Catching up with 25 advocates featured on the POZ cover; a profile on POZ founder Sean Strub. Plus: A very, very brief history of HIV.

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