POZ January-February 2019

POZ January-February 2019

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David and Johnny

Keep It Together

David and Johnny are committed to each other—and to overcoming any challenge to their union.

road highway mountain scene

The Road Ahead for HIV Cure Research

Today, with better understanding of the complex task at hand, cure researchers are investigating multiple avenues and taking the long view.

2019 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

Annual awareness days help to educate the public in general and specific groups in particular about HIV/AIDS.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Message of Love

Our January/February cover guys—David Massey and Johnny Lester (aka David & Johnny)—are a serodiscordant couple.


Policy & Advocacy

The Southern Black Policy and Advocacy Network seeks to improve health and reduce disparities.

POZ Planet

Bill Bytsura

Portrait of an Activist

Decades ago, Bill Bytsura photographed ACT UP members. Now he’s got a book.

PositiveSeries A scene from one of the four YouTube video stories

“U=U” Stories

The “+series” (Positive Series) campaign lets the world know that undetectable equals untransmittable.

Go Back to 1985

Why Yen Tan says long-term survivors seem grateful about his AIDS film


What’s Next?

AIDS United explores the results of the 2018 Democratic victory in the House of Representatives.

While Black

Blogger and activist Aundaray Guess asks: In this racially charged environment, how does one find value in managing HIV care?



A social media recap of the 2018 midterm elections.



Everyday — January/February 2019

Here are some important dates in AIDS history.

Care And Treatment

FDA rubber stamp

FDA OKs Delstrigo and Pifeltro

Delstrigo (doravirine/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) includes Pifeltro (doravirine) in a three-drug single-tablet regimen.


Injectable Implant ARV

Researchers have devised a means of injecting an antiretroviral under the skin that hardens into a dissolvable and removable implant.

oncology blackboard stehoscope

Cancer Concerns

Researchers looked both at the first and second time people with HIV have been diagnosed with cancer.


Curing Hep C May Dial Back Liver Damage

Those with greater fibrosis before treating hep C see the greatest benefit.

Research Notes

indiana map

Prevention: Pence Problem

Mike Pence’s delayed response to HIV outbreak in Indiana had grave results.

needle in vial

Treatment: Antibody Injections

Periodic infusions of long-acting HIV antibodies may eventually become a new way of treating the virus.

two women researchers

Cure: Immunotherapy

An HIV immunotherapy method performs well in early safety trial.

two men arm in arm taking selfie

Concerns: Youth Diagnoses

HIV diagnoses in young gay and bi men increased Bbetween 2008 and 2016.


Guy Anthony

Positively Beautiful

Guy Anthony offers affirmations, advocacy and advice to Black queer men.

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POZ January/February 2019 cover

POZ January/February 2019

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