POZ April-May 2019

POZ April-May 2019

In every issue, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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25 Years of POZ

25 Years of POZ

Twenty-five advocates share what POZ means to them.

On the Cover

Who’s who (and what’s what) on POZ’s 25th anniversary cover

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

We Are the Champions

This special issues honors 25 years of POZ.


Pedro Zamora on the cover of POZ

Pedro’s World

Remembering the late Pedro Zamora—his activism and his passion for life—in his own words from 1994

POZ Planet

The Light in the Grove at The AIDS Memorial Grove

Healing Through Remembrance

The National AIDS Memorial is much more than a grove.

AIDS memorial in New Orleans

Legacies of Loss

Permanent monuments across the country honor those lost to the epidemic.

PrEP Pill and condom in silver wrapper

Then & Now

A glance at HIV-related themes as they appeared in 1994, the first year of POZ, and during the past year

tattered American Flag US Flag in the wind

A Very, Very Brief History of HIV

Check out this timeline of the HIV/AIDS in the United States from 1981 to the present.


old computer keyboard and floppy disks

Dear Reader

Below are the welcome letters from POZ’s inaugural issue by founder Sean Strub and POZ founding editor-in-chief Richard Pérez-Feria.

hand holding up ballons 10 ten

Founder’s Letter

The May 2004 issue of POZ marked our 10th anniversary. Below is the welcome letter from that issue by POZ founder Sean Strub.


Youth and Advocacy

Social media casts a spotlight on youth working to end the epidemic.


Bill Clinton

Everyday — April/May 2019

Here are some important dates in AIDS history.

Care And Treatment

glass of water

HIV Meds Have Come a Long Way

Treatment efficacy has steadily improved since effective combination HIV therapy first entered advanced clinical trials in the mid-1990s.

globe showing North America

Universal Treatment Catches On

A look at 2009 to 2014 data found that those in care for HIV saw a considerable fall in treatment deferrals.

Fagile handle with care sticker

Frailty Risks

HIV-positive individuals tend to develop frailty at a younger age than the general population.


How HCV Hits CD4s

A study finds that CD4 cells decline after people with HIV contract hepatitis C.

Research Notes

injection vials vaccine

Prevention: Antibody Vaccine

Researchers were also able to make the first-ever estimate of the level of antibodies needed for protection against HIV.

blood pressure gauge

Treatment: Aging Organs

A decade of aging brings on heart and kidney troubles in people with HIV.

door latch door lock

Cure: Block & Lock

One avenue in the HIV cure research field involves using agents that prevent reactivation of HIV replication in latently infected cells.

older man sitting on bed with back to camera

Concerns: Stigma’s Harms

HIV-related stigma is reported to have harsh effects on cognition.


Sean Strub

Life After POZ

POZ founder Sean Strub launched the magazine in 1994.


illustration clipboard and pen check mark

Reader Survey

April/May 2019 Survey

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