POZ April-May 2020

POZ April-May 2020

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Corey Burnside

Overcoming the Persistence of Stigma

Youth activists living with HIV are speaking truth to power.

Bodies and Barriers

Challenging HIV Stigma

Peer support is more important than ever.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

When We Were Young

This special issue is dedicated to young people, who represent a majority of new HIV cases.


Camryn Garrett

Young Adult Novelist

What happens when a girl with HIV wants to have sex? The answer lies in Camryn Garrett’s “Full Disclosure.”

POZ Planet

outside Good Hope Laundromat

Youth Initiative

At One Tent Health, college students provide HIV testing and PrEP to underserved neighborhoods in Washington, DC.


STI Alert!

Sexually transmitted infections reach all-time highs, notably among young people.


Everyday — April/May 2020

Here are some important dates in AIDS history.


the legs of group of youth sitting in a circle

Supporting Youth

Youth activist Tyreese Taylor shares how a mentor helped him at a crucial moment. Below is an edited excerpt.



Check out these social media reactions to NMAC changing the name of its annual national conference.


hands and workout plan exercise

Ask POZ – April/May 2020

I do well with diet and exercise for a while, But then I stop. How can I stay focused?

Care And Treatment

cost of healthcare bottle of pills on money

Drug Costs Can Drive Down Adherence

About one in seven people living with HIV use strategies to save on drug costs, including skipping doses.

doctor consulting a patient

Don’t Overlook People Living With HIV

Amid talk of “ending HIV,” we must also focus on those with the virus, says Anthony S. Fauci, MD.

heart shaped alarm clock

Take the Time for Heart Health

A recent study finds that people with HIV receive insufficient attention to cardiovascular risk.

vaccine vials and needles

Has Injectable HIV Treatment Only Been Delayed?

The Food and Drug Administration declined approval of ViiV Healthcare’s injectable HIV regimen Cabenuva.

Research Notes


Prevention: On-Demand PrEP

This PrEP dosing strategy involves taking doses of Truvada only during the days surrounding sex.

HIV Virus

Treatment: Fostemsavir Filed

ViiV applies for FDA approval of HIV drug fostemsavir

doctor consult with patient

Cure: HIV Cure Trials

According to a survey, many people with HIV don’t understand how cure trials work.

Pregnant woman

Concerns: Pregnancy Safety

Pregnant women with HIV often don’t receive treatment per guidelines, according to a study of more than 1,800 HIV-positive pregnant women.


Dee Mphafi

Empowering Youth

Dee Mphafi is an HIV advocate from Lesotho, Africa.


Side Effects

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