POZ July-August 2020

POZ July-August 2020

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COVID-19 and HIV: What You Need to Know

People living with HIV are learning how to cope with a new pandemic.

Questioning the Benefits of Molecular Surveillance

Can this HIV prevention strategy overcome mistrust and fear among marginalized communities?

Streets of Havana Cuba

Waking in Havana: A Memoir About AIDS in Cuba

Elena Schwolsky’s experiences helped her heal from her own grief and taught her some important life lessons.

POZ July/August 2020 HIV Drug Chart

2020 HIV Drug Chart

This quick-reference chart compares antiretroviral (ARV) options for the treatment of HIV.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

From a Distance

Our cover story is on what we need to know about COVID-19 and HIV. Also, “Rest in power” to the late AIDS activist Larry Kramer.


beakers and microscopes in laboratory

Partnership Science

HIV advocates discuss how lessons from pandemic vaccine development can help fight COVID-19.

POZ Planet

Deloris Dockrey

In Remembrance

HIV heroes lost to another pandemic

beach blanket flip flops sun glasses

Summer Reads

Recommendations to enlighten and entertain, wherever your HIV interests may lie

Hand holding iphone HIV 2020

Your Viral Itinerary

An update on major HIV conferences

Australia flag Australia shape

Everyday — July/August 2020

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


illustration people connected by lines

Physical Distancing

Jesús Guillén, founder of the HIV Long Term Survivors Group on Facebook, urges us to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

lighthouse at night

See the Light

John Cunningham, executive director of the National AIDS Memorial, shares how the lessons of AIDS can help fight COVID-19.

illustration two heads silhoutte black and white red between

Ending Racist Systems

AIDS United reminds HIV advocates that it is our responsibility to speak out against structural inequalities and systemic racism.

New York City, USA - July 9, 2016: Black Lives Matter protestors march down a street in Times Square in New York City, demonstrating against police violence.

Why We Rage

HIV advocate Matthew Rose shares why he uses poetry to express the grief, pain and trauma he and others in the Black community experience.


HIV and COVID-19

Here is how AIDS service organizations are responding to COVID-19.


young woman sleeping in bed

Ask POZ – July/August 2020

How much sleep do I need every night?; I’m always tired. Can I take supplements?; Is drinking coffee bad?

Care And Treatment

woman holding chest diagram of lungs

HIV Tied to Lung Decline

Researchers found that among those older than 50, lung function declined at a comparable rate regardless of HIV status.

brain and dumbell

Mental Health Linked to Physical Health

A recent study of noncommunicable disease found mood disorders were linked to metabolic syndrome in particular among people with HIV.

tansgender flag over head

What’s the Tea on Trans People With HIV?

New research sheds light on HIV among transgender men and women

Georgia road sign

Racial Disparities in Atlanta

Black gay and bisexual men with HIV in Atlanta are more likely to be detectable.

Research Notes

needle in vial mediation

Prevention: Long-Acting PrEP

The injectable cabotegravir, given every eight weeks, is just as effective as daily Truvada for HIV prevention.

Pregnant woman holding belly

Treatment: Best for Pregnancy

For pregnant women with HIV, dolutegravir-based regimens are apparently safest.

sunrise or sunset

Cure: Very Early Treatment

Treating HIV very early can shrink viral reservoir 100-fold.

illustration of clock hands spinning

Concerns: Insomnia Heart Risk

People with HIV who suffer from insomnia are more likely to have a heart attack.


Charles King

Invaluable Treasure

Charles King is the CEO of Housing Works, a nonprofit fighting the twin crises of HIV and homelessness in NYC.

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