POZ June 2017

POZ June 2017

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To Whom We Belong

Building bridges between faith and HIV communities

Finding Larry Kramer

How the legendary AIDS activist made his way back to GMHC

Pray For Orlando

A year later, a survivor reflects on the aftermath of the Pulse mass shooting.

From The Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Like a Prayer

Growing up gay in a religious and conservative Latino family, I experienced the “church hurt” that is so common among LGBT people.


Loud and Proud

AIDS United and other groups join forces to help people living with HIV lobby Congress to continue vital support.

POZ Planet

Scenes From Real Life

An immersive play for and about Black gay men in the South

Memoirs, Mythology and More

This time of year, the best reading is done by sunlight! Find these suggested books in the POZ Bookstore:

Making History and Housing documents the story of “how AIDS activists became real estate developers.”


Not Enough

An edited excerpt of an opinion piece titled “An 18 Percent Decline in U.S. HIV Incidence Over Six Years Is Not Enough.”



Social media reactions to AIDSWatch 2017

POZ Survey Says

The High Cost of Health Care

The results are in.

Research Notes

Prevention: PrEP Failure

A Dutch man has contracted HIV while apparently adhering well to the daily regimen of Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Treatment: New Antibody

Researchers have found a new broadly neutralizing antibody against HIV. It is said to be safe, well tolerated and potent.

Cure: Macrophages

Researchers have discovered how HIV manages to infect macrophage immune cells, which can be a key part of the viral reservoir.

Concerns: Diabetes Link

People with HIV may be more likely to develop diabetes and to do so at a younger age, even if they are not obese.

Care And Treatment

HIV Treatment May Slow Brain Aging

Antiretroviral treatment of HIV may combat and even halt the harmful effects the virus appears to have on brain aging and cognitive function

HIV Meds Likely Drive Falling HIV Rate

The annual number of new HIV infections fell 18 percent between 2008 and 2014.

HIV Treatment Lowers Cancer Risk

Treating HIV early, before CD4s drop significantly, lowers the risk of infection-related cancers.

HIV Risk Factors in People Living With Hep C

Researchers analyzed data from a cohort to understand what factors help predict whether someone with HCV will later contract HIV.


Setting the Record

Lawrence D. Mass might be best known for writing the first news reports in 1981 on what would later be known as AIDS.


Pet Care

June 2017 Survey


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