POZ March 2012

POZ March 2012

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The Right to Give Life

People with HIV can receive organ transplants, which they need at rates higher than their negative peers. If a positive person wants to...

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The House That Love Built

Joseph’s House was founded in 1990 as a refuge for homeless men with HIV. Today it is one of the many places across the United States where pe...

From the Editor

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Life and Death

If my doctor had told me I’d live to see the 30th anniversary of AIDS, when I was diagnosed 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed him.


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Letters- March 2012

In “The POZ 100” (December 2011), we shared the 100 people, things and ideas we loved in the year 2011.


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Speaking of Sex...

Photographer and director James Houston wants to educate teens—and their parents—about sexual health.

What You Need to Know

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Gay Rights Go Global

Finally, something we want to spread around the world: tolerance. 

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Join POZ on the Road to Washington

This summer, the XIX International AIDS Conference (IAC) is coming to our nation’s capital

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Hershey’s Bittersweet

Lately, Hershey’s chocolate is leaving a sour taste in our mouths. 

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HIV Isn’t Bioterrorism

Case dismissed: Daniel Allen, an HIV-positive man from Michigan who became the first person in the state to be charged with HIV-related bioter...

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General Hospital Says Goodbye to HIV-Positive Character

Oh the tangled webs they weave: the tortured soul, the police commissioner’s niece, the forbidden love. The sparks! The passion! The...HIV!

We Hear You

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Legalize It

For decades, marijuana has been legally—and illegally—smoked, ingested and vaporized to treat the symptoms and side effects of HIV...

What Matters to You

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Helping to Find a Cure for AIDS

Participating in clinical trials can bolster your health—and that of the whole community.

Treatment News

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Bill Clinton Proposes Generic Pricing for HIV Meds in the U.S.

On World AIDS Day, former President Bill Clinton made a bold proposition to help save the lives of more Americans with HIV.

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Rituxan Boosts Lymphoma Survival Rates

For HIV-positive people who develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma including the drug Rituxan with standard chemo increases chances of survival.

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Microsoft Joins the Hunt for an HIV Vaccine

Using email spam filter programs, Microsoft researchers are helping seek an HIV vaccine. 

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What You Should Know About HIV and Hepatitis

Two new protease inhibitors (PIs) for hep C are showing promise in people who also have HIV. 

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40% of Americans With HIV Are Older Than 50

That’s the current estimate.

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Misuse of Neti Pots Can Be Deadly

During 2011, two people in Louisiana died of brain infections after using unboiled tap water instead of sterile water in their neti pots.

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GMHC Treatment Issues March 2012

A Year of Highs and Lows in PrEP: Breaking down the data and decisions from 2011

Comfort Zone

POZ Magazine

Easing the Winter Woes

Brrr, baby, it’s cold outside.

POZ Heroes

Fred Says

Best in Show

Fred is a Yorkshire terrier who was born in October 2010.


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