POZ March 2018

POZ March 2018

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Quest For Healing

Overcoming the challenges of fighting HIV among Native Americans

Strength in Networks

Groups of women living with HIV expand their reach by forming coalitions.

My Sisters’ Keeper

A collection of art created by women inspires and uplifts the female spirit.

10 Simple Ways to Fight HIV Every Day

You, too, can be an HIV advocate. Here’s how.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Ray of Light

Although Native Americans have always been a part of the HIV epidemic, they’ve often been overlooked as a group.


A Place To Live

The new CEO of Bailey House reflects on its 35 years of housing people living with HIV/AIDS and its future.

POZ Planet

You’re Fired!

What’s going on with the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS?

Uli’s Amazing Journey

One woman—and her rescue dog, Jackson—bikes across the country to fight AIDS.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Sign up and train (or volunteer) for an official AIDS bike ride. Below are just a few of your options for 2018.

So Adorbs

Checking in with our cover babies and their HIV-positive parents


Everyday – March 2018

Here are some important dates in AIDS history.


NMAC at 30

Executive director Paul Kawata marks the group’s 30th anniversary by identifying HIV-related policy challenges in 2018.



The social media buzz on World AIDS Day.

Research Notes

Prevention: Risky Sex

HIV-negative members of mixed-HIV-status couples often had high-risk sex with non-primary partners—with low use of PrEP and PEP.

Treatment: Lower Death Risk

This is according to an analysis of 35,000 people with high CD4 counts diagnosed with HIV in China.

Cure: Mouse Study

The researchers studied a new compound that blocked a key viral protein that prompts infected cells to produce more virus.

Concerns: Elder Fatigue

A recent small study compared objective and subjective fatigue among those with and without HIV who were age 50 and older.

Care and Treatment

Meet Juluca, the First Two-Drug Regimen

Juluca is a single-tablet regimen for HIV.

San Francisco’s Road to Zero

The annual number of HIV diagnoses have declined in the city.

Healthy Hearts

People living with HIV are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease.

Positive MSM Contract Hep C

Sexual transmission is likely driving this increase; meth and injection drug use are also risk factors.


Empowered Legacies

Kamaria Laffrey brings the HIV conversation into faith-based communities.


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