POZ May 2004

POZ May 2004

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New York 2 (HIV Positive), 2004, C-Print, Courtesy of I-20 Gallery

The POZ Decade-Bare Witness

We collaborated with artist Spencer Tunick—famous for his installations of large groups of naked people—to create our anniversary cover.

The POZ Decade

Our year-by-year chronicle of the HIVers, boons and busts, memories and moments, celeb buzz and buzzwords that made this the AIDS decade.

Mary Fisher

The POZ Decade-1994

POZ was born into a dark world for PWAs. AIDS deaths were peaking. The Concorde Study had just confirmed that AZT did nothing to slow HIV.

The POZ Decade-1995

Bill Clinton occupied the White House—the first president to court AIDS activists and to boast a boatload of PWA-pleasing promises.

The POZ Decade-1996

It seemed that after 15 years of sickness and death, there were finally drugs that worked.

The POZ Decade-1997

It was called Lazarus Syndrome, and by 1997, many POZ readers were already too familiar with the phenomenon.

The POZ Decade-1998

In the spring of 1998, black AIDS advocates invited themselves to the table.

Trojan-less Horse: "I placed myself in the middle of HIV anarchy." Tony Valenzuela says. HIV anarchy? "I was trying to poetic."

The POZ Decade-1999

By 1999, however, a genuine barebacking subculture, nurtured by the Internet, had established itself.

Stephen Gendin Four Alternative Covers POZ August 2000

The POZ Decade-2000

By 2000, such laments had become daily topics of conversation for HIVers, who debated the price they were paying for lab-number “health.”

The POZ Decade-2001

For those HIVers fortunate enough to access and afford it, HAART grants life—but sometimes at the cost of livelihood.

The POZ Decade-2002

in July 2002, crystal methamphetamine was beginning its second decade as the country’s fastest-growing illegal drug.

Angels in America

The POZ Decade-2003

It should have been the year that we finally took measure of the scourge of global AIDS.

POZ Magazine

Let’s Talk About Sex

Because in a magazine about surviving HIV, eros and epidemic  make fine bedfellows

POZ Magazine

Star Wars

Gays vs. Straights! Blacks vs. Whites! Politics vs. Science! Let’s replay 10 top AIDS tifts from a decade of life during wartime.

POZ Magazine


We pay homage to the 10 deceased HIVers who once lit up our cover-minus our own beloved Stephen Gendin

POZ Magazine

Catching Up

Now that you kow what happened to folks like Magic and Mary Fisher, see an update on these POZ cover subjects

Inside the Issue

Founder’s Letter

The power of POZ is in our commitment to tell the truth about the epidemic, no matter how painful or costly.

POZ Magazine


We treasure most of our 1,169 reader letters, especially the ones that say, “Thank you for being there”— the highest praise possible.

POZ Planet

POZ Magazine

Come Together Right Now

The following pages of POZ Planet collect accomplishments of days gone by and heroes unnoticed.

POZ Magazine

10 Unsung Heroes

Proof you needn’t snag an Oscar or Cabinet post to help fight the good fight

POZ Magazine

Then & Now

What a difference a decade makes. Or does it?

POZ Magazine

Death Wish

The rise and fall of political funerals

POZ Magazine

In Sickness & in Health

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times-and all too often, the best had a bad side    

POZ Magazine

In My Life

POZ asked five fearless and world-wise HIVers from around the country to help us celebrate our 10th

POZ Magazine

Angels & Devils

Heaven-bound or hell-bent? POZ judges the decade’s top-10 saints and sinners

POZ Magazine

Postscripts From the Edge

Do you remember...?

POZ Magazine

Where It’s At

POZ maps the decade’s hot and cold spots for HIVers.

POZ Magazine

Below the Radar

The media’s 10 most-unwanted stories

POZ Partner

POZ Magazine

The Right Moves

For our 10th anniversary, we offer you a dance card of lists of 10 to make your life with HIV easier, healthier and a little more graceful.

POZ Magazine

Vital Signs

10 POZ treatment stories that shook our world

POZ Magazine

Checkup Check-In

Here’s to our “Lab Blab" four who are still going strong

POZ Magazine

Wish You Were Here?

10 Towns for HIVers

POZ Magazine

Future Hits

Researchers are targeting 10 steps in HIV’s M.O. to give us new treatments

POZ Magazine

Future Blocks

10 stubborn obstacles to good treatment for all U.S. HIVers

POZ Magazine

Top 10 Side Effects

By 2000, sfx, as we dubbed ’em, were causing many HIVers to divorce their combos.

POZ Magazine

Nurse Knew It All

For years Nurse Know-It-All (a.k.a. Greg Lugliani) kept POZ readers in the pink.

POZ Magazine

10 More Pills

Nutritional supplements to boost your diet

POZ Magazine

Fabulously Positive

Being out, loud and proud with HIV may be impossible for some, but more often, we’re afraid of fear itself.

POZ Magazine

The 10 Wackiest AIDS “Cures"

Derek Thaczuk deals with a deck of dubious debuggers


POZ Magazine

The Gift of Life

Miracles happen, even during the plague.


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