POZ September 2017

POZ September 2017

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Anna Fowlkes and Paul Johns

Close To You

Aging with HIV doesn’t have to mean living without love.

Making the Case for Equality

Lambda Legal fights for LGBT people and everyone living with HIV.

Rod Sorge (1969–1999), ACT UP Needle Exchange, and Amador Vega, ACT UP Latino Caucus

Moments of Stillness

Stephen Barker’s portraits show early AIDS activists, minus all the anger

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Open Your Heart

I remember very well how heartbroken I was after testing HIV positive.


Brandon Macsata

Positive Access

The ADAP Advocacy Association seeks to protect the federally funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

POZ Planet

Ti'Aira and Octavia are both living with HIV and profiled in “More Than T.”

Spilling the T

Advice via a transgender documentary

The Website Formerly Known as was recently rechristened to

Outreach in Alabama

MAO turns 30.

Trump AIDS Advisers Quit

This summer, six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS resigned because President Trump “simply does not care.”


Photography book Dogs & Daddies raises funds to help youth living with HIV.


Battle Scars

Glenna McCarthy makes the case that despite living with HIV, lipodystrophy and aging, she is at her best right now.


Long-Term Survivors

The social media buzz on Long-Term Survivor Awareness Day

Research Notes

Prevention: Criminalization

State laws that criminalize people who don’t first disclose their HIV status before potential exposure don’t appear to prevent transmission.

Treatment: Antibody Treatment

TaiMed Biologics has applied for approval of the weekly injectable antibody ibalizumab for people with multidrug-resistant virus.

Cure: CRISPR Gene Editing

For the first time, scientists have used the powerful, cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing method to snip HIV out of infected mice.

Concerns: Drinking Costs

Heavy drinking may be quite hazardous to HIV-positive people.

Care And Treatment

Life Expectancy Is Looking Up

Continued improvements in ARVs have likely further raised life expectancy for the average 20-year-old who starts treatment today.

Generic Truvada?

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a generic formulation of Gilead Sciences’ antiretroviral Truvada.

Shifting Cancer Burden

As the HIV population ages, the cancer burden will shift away from those associated with AIDS and toward those connected to aging.

HIV + Hep C = Raised Cancer Risk

People who are living with both HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) have a higher risk of developing non-AIDS-defining cancers.


Gloria Searson

Educating the People

Gloria Searson has been fighting to end the epidemic in New York City for almost 25 years.


Take Care

September 2017 Survey


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