POZ September 2021

POZ September 2021

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Jesús Guillén

The Feather and the Knife: Navigating Life With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a fact of life for far too many people living with HIV. But new research aims to address it at its core.

Advances and Challenges in Fighting HIV

Providers and advocates reflect on the legacy of AIDS and its implications for COVID-19.

Editor’s Letter

illustration of back pain

Everybody Hurts

For many people, chronic pain is a constant companion.


The film The Eyes of Tammy Faye recreates the original Steve Pieters interview

Representation Matters

The Hollywood film “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” recreates a historic interview with a man living with AIDS.

POZ Planet

the Sero staff behind HINAC4

Breaking HIV Laws

Plus: Watch videos from this year’s HIV is Not a Crime (HINAC) virtual conference.

PrEP, PEP & Pharmacists

Legislators in California, Colorado, Missouri and Nevada passed bills allowing pharmacists to prescribe HIV prevention meds.

andimgonnamisseverybody by Christopher Paul Jordan

Where a Giant X Marks the AIDS Memorial Spot

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway in Seattle was officially dedicated in late June.

The HBCU Health Center Directory

A New HIV Tool for Black College Students

It’s just one element of HRC’s “My Body, My Health” initiative.

My Pet Virus by Shawn Decker

Everyday – September 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.


puzzle pieces held up in the sky

Two Viruses, One Lifetime: How HIV Prepared Me for COVID-19

In an opinion piece HIV activist Orbit Clanton describes how he applies lessons learned from his past to the new pandemic.

chairs arranged in a circle support group aa meeting

Reducing Harm

AIDS United urges us to learn the lessons from HIV outbreaks fueled by injection drug use.


In Memoriam: Marco Castro-Bojorquez

His unexpected death dealt a devastating blow to the many people who knew him personally as a friend, mentor and advocate.


doctor measuring mans stomach

Ask POZ - September 2021

What are the consequences of overweight and obesity?

Research Notes

Map and Flag of South Africa

Prevention: Vaccine Failure

An experimental vaccine combination did not protect people from acquiring HIV in a large clinical trial.

Medical syringe with a needle and a bollte with vaccine

Treatment: Cabenuva Preferred

People who used long-acting Cabenuva preferred the injections over their previous daily oral regimen.

Monkey in thinking pose.

Cure: Immunotherapy

Monkeys with SIV started generating specialized immune cells that may be able to hunt down and eliminate the virus from latent cells.

Human papillomaviruses HPV

Concerns: Cervical Cancer

Women living with HIV in the United States have a greater likelihood of developing cervical cancer than HIV-negative women.

Care And Treatment

Blue stethoscope isolate on white background

Stay in Care for Better Outcomes

If at first you don’t reach an undetectable viral load, try, try again.

Description  3D rendering of a compass with the word guidelines

Updated Treatment and OI Guidelines

The Department of Health and Human Services recently updated its antiretroviral treatment and opportunistic infection guidelines.

Gay friends having a good time at public park

Disparities in Viral Suppression

Differences in HIV viral suppression between Black and white people have little to do with their personal behavior.

homless person sleeping on a bench

HIV Care for Homeless People

A low-barrier HIV care program with access to multiple services in one place can help.


Human liver medical structure. Outline vector illustration of body part organ anatomy in 3d line art style on neon abstract background

Fatty Liver Disease

With no approved treatments, management of NAFLD and NASH relies on lifestyle changes.


Ronald Johnson

The Battle Goes On

Bronx-born Ronald Johnson started his HIV career as a volunteer at GMHC at the very beginning of the epidemic in 1984.


illustration silhouette mans head with yellow pain marks

Pain in the...

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