POZ October-November 2017

POZ October-November 2017

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Island Fever

Puerto Rico’s economic crisis threatens critical progress on HIV.

Nevertheless They Persisted

HIV scientists and advocates are waging a powerful war against the global epidemic.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Mi Gente (My People)

The current situation for Puerto Ricans living with HIV on the island is yet again dire.


Full Service

Howard Brown Health is one of the nation’s largest LGBT organizations providing health and social services.

POZ Planet

The Power of U=U

Support grows stronger for a statement on transmission risk when undetectable.

Viral Loads and HIV Laws

Ten organizations released the “Consensus Statement on HIV ‘Treatment as Prevention’ in Criminal Law Reform.”

Not Forgotten

A new report highlights the lives and needs of older Latinos living with HIV.

Clusters of HIV Cases

Young gay Latino men in Texas are testing positive for HIV in clusters.

Art and Everyday Activism

AIDS at Home explores hidden stories of the epidemic.

Ghosts, Gods and Good Things

Autumn offers a stellar lineup of HIV-related reading. Find these suggested titles in the POZ Bookstore:


Infectious Sex?

Andrew Spieldenner tackles the topic of prevention of the virus in his opinion piece titled “Infectious Sex?”

Live Through This

POZ deputy editor Trent Straube shares his observations about essays by author Clay Cane.


IAS 2017

The social media buzz on the annual HIV science conference.

POZ Survey Says

Pet Perks

The results are in.

Research Notes

Prevention: Vaginal Gel

An anti-HIV vaginal microbicide gel lowered risk among women with a healthier dominant bacterial population.

Treatment: Bone Loss

Those who start antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV soon after diagnosis experience a greater decline in bone mineral density.

Cure: Defective Virus

Defective copies of HIV distract the immune system in order to promote overall infection.

Concerns: Lung Health

Living with HIV—even when the virus is well treated—is linked with a higher risk of compromised lung health.

Care and Treatment

Is It OK to Take ARVs With Birth Control?

Women taking various forms of hormonal contraceptives can likely combine them safely with antiretrovirals.

“Holy Grail” HIV Regimen Awaits FDA OK

The single-tablet HIV treatment regimen includes the experimental integrase inhibitor bictegravir and the contents of Descovy.

Beating Hep C in Inner-City Baltimore

Almost all of a large group of inner-city Baltimore individuals coinfected with HIV and HCV were recently cured of hep C.

First Two-Drug Regimen

ViiV Healthcare has applied to the FDA for approval of the first two-drug antiretroviral (ARV) regimen to treat HIV.

Once More: Undetectable Means No Transmissions

Another study finds that there is no HIV transmission when viral load is fully suppressed.

New Case of Long-Term Remission

A 9-year-old South African child infected with HIV at birth has been in an apparent state of extended viral remission.

Holy Cow, Exciting HIV Antibodies!

Researchers have succeeded in immunizing calves and prompting them to produce so-called broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV.

Promising New Vaccine

A new HIV vaccine regimen was well tolerated and elicited a good immune response among participants of a study who did not have the virus.


Positive Organizing

As a young gay Latino man growing up during the early days of the epidemic, Julio Fonseca was aware of HIV advocacy.


Facing Stigma

October/November 2017 Survey


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