POZ September 2015

POZ September 2015

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Suppression Superheroes

A super new program at Housing Works helps participants get and keep their viral loads undetectable with incentives and without superpowers.

Older, Wiser, Ready for Their Close-Up

Documenting the Graying of AIDS

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The Coinfection Challenge

New treatment options for people living with HIV and hepatitis C


Letters-September 2015

Behind the scenes of the Recollectors, a new advocacy group that brings together children who lost their parents to AIDS.


POZ Magazine

It’s Not Over

Michelangelo Signorile and Dan Savage discuss LGBT issues beyond marriage equality, including HIV/AIDS.

POZ Planet

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Buddies Are Back!

GMHC relaunches its historic support program—with unexpected twists.

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Guts & Glory

In the 1980s, Tom Glenn cared for gay men dying of AIDS. Today he writes about that in ’No-Accounts.’

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POZ Stories: Andrew Pulsipher

When Andrew Pulsipher announced his HIV-positive status on Facebook, he and his (HIV-negative) family became a viral sensation.

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Housing Missourians With HIV

In St. Louis, the Doorways organization provides stable housing and health services for folks with HIV in the Show Me State.

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A Radical Voice Worth Reading

Journalist Doug Ireland’s career spanned the AIDS epidemic and the gay rights movement. 

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Fury Road

What happens when an HIV campaign in Indiana takes a very wrong turn?


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Why I Act Up

Writer-turned-activist Victoria Noe reflects on her initial decision to get involved in the early fight against HIV/AIDS

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Love in Action

Longtime HIV/AIDS journalist and author John-Manuel Andriote reflects on GMHC’s relaunch of its Buddy Program earlier this year.

Care and Treatment

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Proof That Early Treatment Is Ideal

Researchers have finally produced evidence that starting antiretroviral treatment soon after an HIV diagnosis reduces the risk of sickness and...

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Combo Pills No Better?

Outside of convenience, the only major benefit of multi-antiretroviral combination tablets could be to pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

HIV-positive people who enjoy good psychological well-being are more likely to adhere to their antiretroviral regimen.

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Treating Addiction Helps HIV

Opioid substitution treatment increases the likelihood that addicts will take their HIV antiretrovirals as prescribed.

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HIV-Hep C Mortality Risk

Hepatitis C virus doesn’t significantly impact the risk of death unless it occurs along with other severe diseases.

Research Notes

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Prevention: PrEP Pride

A subdermal implant that delivers the HIV antiretroviral tenofovir alafenamide has shown promise as an alternative to daily PrEP in an animal...

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Treatment: Vaccine Boosts ARVS

A vaccine containing a protein key to HIV replication has been found to improve the effectiveness of antiretrovirals.

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Cure: New Cure Center

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has teamed up with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to pursue HIV cure strategies.

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Concerns: HIV/HCV Outbreaks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an alert to public health departments and clinicians to be vigilant for HIV...

POZ Survey Says

Adverse Reactions

Most people living with HIV experience side effects from their HIV meds at one time or another.



September 2015 Survey

POZ Heroes

POZ Magazine

Rocking Her Differences

In many ways, Ashley Murphy is just a normal 17-year-old getting ready to start her senior year of high school. But she’s also a sassy young H...


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