POZ January-February 2021

POZ January-February 2021

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Bré Anne Rivera

Black Lives Still Matter

Uplifting social justice and HIV

Ray Welsh (left) and Xio Mora-Lopez

Love in the Time of COVID-19

For many people living with HIV, the coronavirus pandemic has added to the challenge of finding intimacy.

2021 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

2021 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

Awareness days help educate the general public and specific communities about HIV/AIDS.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

I’m Still Here

Of all the issues that continue to challenge us, racial justice is the most vexing.


POZ January/February 2020 Anthony Fauci (left) interviewed 
by (from top) Jesse Milan, Grazell Howard, Marlene McNeese and Raniyah Copeland

Our Solution

The Black AIDS Institute hosts a conversation with Anthony Fauci, MD, on COVID-19 and HIV.

POZ Planet

Kissing Ken (self-portrait with Ken Davis),1996

The Art of Connecting [SLIDESHOW]

Love, intimacy and HIV history abound in “Eric Rhein: Lifelines.”

Reading Is Fundamental

These books will get you through winter lockdowns.

Malcom Gregory Scott and Doug Ward, MD

Doctor as Friend

An epidemic brought them together. A podcast shares their tale.

The Women’s Caucus of ACT UP New York stages its first protest.

Everyday – January/February 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.


nurse's hands holding patients hands

It’s Undeniable

The Healthcare Anchor Network commits to addressing racism and the public health disparities it causes.

photo illustration figures and stethoscope on wood

We Are People

Edwin Bernard, executive director of the HIV Justice Network, argues that molecular HIV surveillance risks doing more harm than good.


joe biden and kamala harris Washington, DC, USA

Biden-Harris 2020

HIV/AIDS and human advocates respond to the results of the 2020 presidential election.


man doing yoga with zoom instruction

Getting Physical

The gym may be closed, but you can still exercise at home or outdoors.


gloved hand needle vial vaccine coronavirus

Ask POZ – January/February 2021

When will we have a COVID-19 vaccine?

Care And Treatment

vaccnie viles and needle going into vial

More Good News About Injectable Treatment

A clinical trial found that switching HIV meds to long-acting Cabenuva may not require oral lead-in.


Islatravir-Based Treatment Shows Promise

The HIV regimen failed only a few study participants.

illustration of liver

Fatty Liver Disease and Diabetes

A recent study links diabetes to advanced liver damage in people with HIV.

black woman getting blood pressure taken

Among Women, HIV Is Tied to Chronic Health Conditions

High blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease and cardiovascular disease are all more prevalent among women with HIV.

Research Notes

two men couple holding hands gay

Prevention: Diagnoses Decline

Between 2014 and 2018, the annual HIV diagnosis rate mostly flatlined or declined less among Black and Latino gay men, depending on age.

antibodies illustration

Treatment: Long-Acting Antibody

Findings confirm that Trogarzo maintains viral load suppression for nearly 10 years.

needle in a haystack

Cure: HIV Reservoir

A refined mapping of HIV’s reservoir could aid in cure research.


Concerns: Multidrug Resistance

Resistance to four HIV drug classes is tied to high risk of disease and death.


Raniyah Copeland

Black Voices Matter

Raniyah Copeland, MPH, is on a mission to end the HIV epidemic in the Black community.

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