POZ June 2021

POZ June 2021

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Heart to Heart

In his Pulitzer Prize–winning poetry, Jericho Brown reveals how HIV, race and rape can coexist with joy, lust and love. Plus: three poems.

A Complete History of HIV/AIDS Will Depend on You

Preserving the stories from 40 years of the epidemic

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

A Little Respect

In this LGBTQ-themed special issue, we spotlight LGBTQ advocates, including our cover subject, Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Jericho Brown.


Sarah Schulman

For the Record

Activist and author Sarah Schulman discusses the early history of ACT UP New York in a new book.

POZ Planet

Rob and Fred (the doctor and doggie duo behind the HIV nonprofit Fred Says)

Dogs and Their Humans Fight Stigma

Portraits and stories from an HIV fundraising book

President Joseph Biden

Rainbow Rights

Protecting LGBTQ equality helps fight HIV.

rainbow gay flag colors shape New Jersey

Having a Senior Moment

A New Jersey law prohibits discrimination in long-term care facilities based on HIV status, sexual identity and other qualities.

Details from the I Matter Therefore I PrEP ads

PrEP Uptake

Promoting HIV prevention among Latinos and African Americans

Carribean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Everyday – June 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.


What If?

Jeremiah Johnson, an activist living with HIV and the HIV project director for the Treatment Action Group, urges for a renewal.

illustration doors open in the desert

After COVID-19

Activist and singer Sherri Lewis, who is living with HIV, recounts how she and her mother confronted and overcame COVID-19.


POZ June 2021 spotlight

Trans Visibility 2021

On March 31, advocacy groups and people around the world took to social media to recognize the International Transgender Day of Visibility.


pink gloves putting band aid on arm after blood draw

Monitoring Your Health

Monitoring viral load and CD4 count can show how well treatment is working.


blook vials

Ask POZ – June 2021

How do I know if I have HIV?

Care And Treatment

Black boy with skateboard smiling

Prompt Treatment Start Works for Teens

The number of days to an undetectable viral load dropped by nearly two weeks, but there’s more work to do.

Trans symoby on wooden block half male half female gender neutral bathroom

Trans Surgery Linked to HIV Suppression

Trans people who have gender-affirming surgery are more likely to have undetectable HIV.

Asain mother breatfeeding baby

Redefining Support for Mothers Who Have HIV

North American experts weigh in on the role of breast feeding in the lives of mothers with well-controlled HIV.

paper cut outs human heads diversity

Community Collaboration Cuts HIV

13,000 gay and bi Black and Latino men received PrEP care through collaboratives.

Research Notes

penny and islatravir implant PrEP

Prevention: Yearly PrEP?

An islatravir PrEP implant could prevent HIV for a year.

calendar pages

Treatment: Every Two Months

Study finds that Cabenuva administered every other month maintains viral suppression for two years.

Brazilian Flag

Cure: HIV Comes Back

A Brazilian man with HIV is no longer in remission after more than 15 months off treatment.

illustration of human body showing liver

Concerns: Liver Fibrosis

HIV was linked to an increased prevalence of liver fibrosis in a recent study.


Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH, is tackling HIV prevention nationally.

The Activist Doctor

Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH, is tackling HIV prevention nationally.


illusttration of purple head with lines squiggles in brain

Healthy Mind

Mental Health Survey

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POZ June 2021

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