POZ March 2017

POZ March 2017

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Born Free

Dispelling misconceptions about conception and HIV

The Buddy System

Programs that offer one-on-one support to people living with HIV tackle stigma and isolation and help foster wellness.

From The Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Free At Last

I’m not a parent. I have three nephews, however, and I’m happy having the role of uncle. I wasn’t always satisfied with being childless.


Fierce Advocacy

After 25 years, WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Disease) meets the challenges ahead.

POZ Planet

A Room of One’s Own

What’s next for the New York City AIDS Memorial?

Poz Stories: Latonya Baskerville

Latonya Baskerville shares her story

Moonlight Has an HIV Backstory

Moonlight tells the story of growing up black and struggling with one’s sexual identity.

Gay Sex and the City

After Paul Victor learned he had HIV, he created a sex-positive series called Mess. It’s now streaming on a screen near you.

Sneak Peeks and Special Guests!

What’s next for “Merce” and “Unsure/Positive”?


Can We Talk?

HIV-positive advocate Art Jackson is a community programmer and educator at Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency in North..


U.S. Trans Survey

Social media reactions to the United States Transgender Survey (USTS)

POZ Survey Says

Crimes of the Heart

The results are in.

Research Notes

Prevention: Protective Enema

Researchers have made progress in developing a microbicide enema that protects against contracting HIV through anal sex.

Treatment: Promising Antibody

The injectable long-acting antibody against HIV ibalizumab has shown promise in a trial of people with virus that’s resistant to multiple...

Cure: Reservoir Endurance

The HIV reservoir of those on successful treatment for the virus dissipates at a much slower average rate than previously thought, so says..

Concerns: Anal Cancer

Men who have sex with men are at greater risk for anal cancer, HPV, and abornormal cell changes in the anus.

Care And Treatment

Promising New Antibody

Scientists have discovered a powerful antibody against HIV that neutralizes 98 percent of the types of virus they tested it against...

Exercise Is Linked to Lower Fatigue

Getting regular exercise may be a good way for people with HIV to combat fatigue.

HIV Care Will Get More Complex as Population Ages

As the HIV population becomes older, an expanding proportion will need treatment for age-related conditions, which will make caring for...

USB Stick Can Test HIV Viral Load

Researchers are in the early stages of developing a USB stick that could measure an HIV-positive person’s viral load.


Living Her Legacy

A survivor and trans women, Sabel Samone-Loreca is an advocates for issues she’s struggled with.


Hot topics

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