Here are the news stories with the most views this year:

1. NASTAD Releases Statement of HIV Risk When Undetectable
Posted: March 2

2. CDC: “Effectively No Risk” of Sexual HIV Transmission if Undetectable
Posted: September 28

3. Fake News Alert: Eight Children Contract HIV From Walmart Bananas
Posted: February 9

4. More Details on the Broadway Composer Lost to AIDS at 41
Posted: September 12

5. How Does Marijuana Affect People With HIV?
Posted: November 2

6. Michael Johnson to Serve 10 Years for Not Disclosing HIV to Sex Partners
Posted: September 22

7. Why Mr. Gay New Zealand, Who Is HIV Positive, Has Condomless Sex
Posted: February 15

8. “Berlin Patient” Timothy Brown Celebrates 10 Years of Being Cured of HIV
Posted: February 17

9. 44-Member AIDS Coalition Issues Statement of HIV Risk When Undetectable
Posted: March 9

10. Trump’s Health Adviser Tried to Kill Funding for HIV Research
Posted: January 23

11. An HIV Clinic Changes Its Name and Upsets Its Clients
Posted: December 5

12. UnitedHealthcare Reverses PrEP Policy After AIDS Activists Protest
Posted: August 7

13. Why This University President Publicly Disclosed His HIV Status
Posted: March 16

14. 30 Years Later, a Look at the First AIDS Drug
Posted: March 31

15. ABC Miniseries “When We Rise” Features AIDS Activism [VIDEO]
Posted: February 24

16. This Governor Plans to Slash $4.8M From State HIV/AIDS Investments
Posted: January 30

17. Aetna Mailed Envelopes Revealing HIV Info to 12,000 Clients
Posted: August 25

18. Can We Quarantine People Living With HIV?
Posted: October 23

19. Did HIV Pharma “Pay to Delay” Generic Truvada?
Posted: August 30

20. How an HIV Diagnosis Inspired This Sexy Nurse to Go Vegan
Posted: June 16

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