In 2013, the POZ 100 celebrated unsung heroes in the HIV community. We wanted to spotlight those individuals who work tirelessly on the front lines of the epidemic year after year but often are not recognized for their efforts.

For the first time, the list was made up entirely of people living with the virus. That year also marked the first time the honorees were nominated directly by the community.

From AIDS service organization volunteers and policy advocates to educators promoting prevention and treatment, the list represented an incredibly diverse spectrum of people living with HIV who were making a difference in the fight to end the epidemic.

Most of the individuals on the list probably didn’t consider themselves heroes, but we did. Each person—in a unique way—was taking a brave stand against HIV. And because they were all people living with the virus, they often had a critical understanding of what needed to be done and how best to do it. They knew what it’s like to be newly diagnosed and how it feels to deal with HIV-related stigma and discrimination. They understood the challenges of accessing care, treatment and support. By sharing their stories, they not only inspired others living with the virus but also empowered themselves and the entire HIV community.

Our hope was that the people we spotlighted on the 2013 POZ 100 inspired you as much as they inspired us. Armed with power and passion, they continue to effect change in the world and encourage us to do the same.

Catching Up With... 

Gina Brown

Gina Brown

Gina BrownDaymon Gardner

What advice do you have for people doing HIV advocacy work today?

Unless you’re doing advocacy for yourself, it’s important to get in coalition with other people doing advocacy work. You may be able to lift a table by yourself, but it’s a lot less heavy if you have help. Remember: Burnout is real.

Tami Haught

Tami Haught

Tami HaughtCourtesy of Tami Haught

Why do you advocate for people living with HIV?

As a person who lived in silence for six years after my HIV diagnosis, I know that speaking out and advocating for people living with HIV is so important. Silence = Death, and I don’t plan on being silenced again. 

Murray Penner

Murray Penner

Murray PennerCourtesy of Murray Penner

How do you empower others?

People are empowered when they have information and are treated as equals. In all my advocacy, I act with kindness and support, regardless of a person’s situation. When people have information and know about what’s happening with their bodies, they are more apt to take care of themselves and to speak out on behalf of themselves and others.

2013 Medical Milestone

Globe Earth Red Ribbon


The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) reported that global AIDS-related deaths had fallen 30% since peaking in 2005.

The 2013 POZ 100

Jaci Adams

Dorian-Gray Alexander

Brandon Allen

Jeff Allen

Marco Benjamin

Bryant Bergeron

Isadore Boni

Vera Bowlby

Gina Brown

Marisol Calderon

Tony Carlew

Craig Chapin

José F. Colón López

Tommy Dennis

Penny DeNoble

Ruth DeRamus

Jorge Diaz

Sheila Dillon

Deloris Dockrey

Ed Doolittle

Daniel Driffin

Kari Farmer-Coffman

Millicent Foster

Rob Garofalo

Mark Garrett

Benjamin Gerritz

Justin Goforth

Elizabeth Harrington

Tami Haught

Ángel Luis Hernández

Alfredo Hernandez Chavez

Kelly Hill

Jeremy Hobbs

Rick Holman

Arthur Jackson

Anthony Johnson

Vanessa Johnson

Bryan Jones

Freda Jones

Robert Knight

Rob Land

Doug Landreth

Aaron Laxton

Daniel Leyva

Michael Luciano

Jimmy Lucibello

Kevin Maloney

Leon Mann III

Anthony Maselli

Joe McAdams

Richard McMahan

Tom Menard

Robert Menk

Hank Millbourne

Luis Montanez

Joshua Montgomery

Shennod Moore

Jeffrey Newman

Naimah O’Neal

Jeffrey Padilla

Sharon Paul

Murray Penner

Osvaldo Perdomo

Timothy Pitts

Doris Plant-Hill

Stephen A. Puibello

Jaime Rebeles

Ronald Regins

Josh Robbins

Cynthia Rodgers

Ruth Royster Fordham

James “JR” Rude

Donald “Bud” Sadler

Raquel Sapien

Joe Scarborough

Scott Schoettes

Nicole Seguin

Michael Siever

Bob Skinner

D Gregory Smith

Lawrence Stallworth II

Wayne Starks

Cedric Sturdevant

Teresa Sullivan

Coleman Terrell

Justin B. Terry-Smith

Kerry Thomas

Jane Valencia

Nestor Vanegas-Charry

Jason Villalobos

Reed Vreeland

Danielle Wasko

Jeff Webb

Robin Webb

Mike Weight

Robert Westwood

Cassandra Whitty

Erwin Willhite

Kekoa Yap

Mark Zatyrka

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