The 2014 POZ 100 looked toward the future of the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic by recognizing advocates under age 30 from throughout the United States and around the world, including nations as diverse as Uganda and the Netherlands. Nominated by members of the HIV/AIDS community, these honorees represented a generation of advocates and activists who’d never known a world without AIDS and included both people living with the virus as well as HIV-negative allies. Although the list featured celebrities, such as Ryan Lewis of the musical duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron-Jackson, who use their platforms to raise awareness and funds for HIV research, most honorees were cited for their work on the front lines in the fight against HIV. Among these were folks fighting the virus through their work at AIDS service organizations and government agencies as well as via medical research, political demonstrations, lobbying efforts and more.

That year, POZ was also celebrating 20 years of publication. Having spotlighted so many advocates over the years who were already adults when the epidemic began, the POZ 100 list marked the perfect opportunity to usher in a new generation of changemakers whose energy and innovative ideas could help shift the course of HIV and its impact on the world.

Catching Up With...

Masonia Traylor

Masonia Traylor

Masonia TraylorCourtesy of Masonia Traylor

How do you empower others?

I empower others by speaking life. I show up with integrity, transparency and authenticity. I push through traumatic adversities while spreading love through my own pain. I bring light and bright colors into dark spaces.

Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

Matthew RoseCourtesy of Matthew Rose

Why do you advocate for people living with HIV?

My people are not more vulnerable to HIV from a biological standpoint. Yet the conditions of their lives have made the virus flourish. The ability to live a long and healthy life should be within everyone’s grasp. I deploy my skills so that others can live a life that they imagine and are given life-affirming, life-extending, culturally responsive care.

Charlie Ferrusi

Charlie Ferrusi

Charlie Ferrusi

How do you empower others?

In order to make progress in the movement, we need to empower new and existing leaders and sustain their involvement. I empower others by challenging them while also extending compassion and patience. I remind folks that showing up imperfectly is more meaningful than not showing up at all. We all have immense potential, power and influence. It is our job to tap into it, redistribute our resources and leverage our power to help others.

2014 Medical Milestone

hands heart graphic

The results of the first phase of the PARTNER study showed that there were no transmissions between partners in gay or straight mixed-HIV-status couples in which the partner living with HIV had an undetectable viral load.

The 2014 POZ 100

Jacques Agbobly

Pablo Aguilera

Charisse Ahmed

Jojo Amanfu

Guy Anthony

Tranisha Arzah

Josephine Ayankoya

Darion Banister

Rachelle Barbis

Devin Barrington-Ward

Marguerite “Margie” Basilico

Dakota Basinger

Michael David Battle

Benjamin Beaury

Kia Michelle Benbow

Antonio Boone

Ian Bradley-Perrin

Katy Byrtus

Juan Calderon

Caressa Cameron-Jackson

Korey Anthony Chisholm

Brandon Corbin

Alyssa Crawford

Brad Pond Crelia

Michael Eisman

Clint Fausett

Brandon Fernandes

Charlie Ferrusi

Cierra Foxx

Greg Gabbert

Miguel Garcia

Lauren Gauthier

Dante Gennaro Jr.

David Goode Jr.

Cree Gordon

Genny Grilli

Ari Hampton

Adrian Haught

Ethan Hawes

Larry Houston-Huff

Brandon Hughes

Tahir Idris

Christopher Jackson

Jason Jenders

Regnarian Jenkins

Tracy L. Johnson Jr.

Joyous Joiner

Josephine Kamarebe

Barbara Kemigisa

Brandon King

Kachina Kudroff

Gerald Labourdette III

Vanessa Lathan

Ryan Lewis

Sean Lundy

Gabriel Maldonado

Rumbidzo Mapfumo

Steven-Emmanuel Martinez

Antwan Mathews

Loyce Maturu

Ian McMahan

Marcus McPherson

Edgar Mendez

Maureen Milanga

Brianna Milleville

Briana Morgan

Quang Nguyen

Jamie O’Toole

Blane Oborny

Jason Parad

Byanca Parker

Mitchell Payne

Robert Peraza

Kyla Pfeif

Samuel Pottebaum

Cameron Raley

Paige Rawl

Jonathan Reveil

Greg’ry Revenj

Rashida Richardson

Kenneth Rios-Soler

Mathew Rodriguez

Carlos Rosario

Matthew Rose

Lindsay Roth

Amirah Sequeira

Claudia Sisomphou

Charles Smart

Narong Sokhom

Tyler Spencer

Kirstie Strong

Anna Szczegielniak

Marvell L. Terry II

Michael Tikili

Masonia Traylor

Lawrence Vinson III

Cody Walker

Jason Walker

Cassie Warren

Edward “Eddie” Wiley

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