POZ July-August 2013

POZ July-August 2013

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Gwen Barringer and Shawn Decker

Magnetic Attraction

Three long-term couples share everything—except HIV.

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A Shred of Understanding

An essay by an HIV-negative public health advocate with over 20 years in the fight against AIDS on why providers must transcend empathy.

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Hold Your Horses

Can barebacking be safer sex?

From the Editor

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Accentuate the Positive

Our goals for this issue are to applaud their efforts and to explore the various meanings of “negative” for people with HIV.


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Letters-July/August 2013

Outrage over Tyler Perry’s latest movie Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor prompted several op-eds on


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Pride and Policy

Ernest Hopkins, an HIV-negative advocate in the fight against AIDS, shares his concerns for people with HIV.

POZ Planet

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Say What?—Alicia Keys

Grammy winner Alicia Keys explains why she’s helping launch “Empowered,” a campaign to change the way U.S. women think about HIV.

From left: AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod's Joe Carleo, Bill Furdon, Jill Brookshire and Kevin O'Toole

Greetings from Ptown

Cape Cod’s AIDS services group marks 30 years.

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PACHA Covers Trans Issues

As much as 69 percent of the U.S. transgender population is HIV positive, with transgender women and people of color bearing “an extreme...

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Making Headlines

“Patient Zero” cooked up to sell 1987 AIDS book.

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Latest Developments

Greenwich Village to get an AIDS memorial.

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Not Another Gay Sex Disease

Deadly meningitis outbreak strikes MSM in NYC and LA.

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Future Lovers

A quest to reinvent the condom, perhaps with bacon flavor.

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On a Roll

An Italian awareness campaign launches in the ladies’ room.


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Yours in the Struggle

In this edited excerpt from his blog post titled “Remembering NAPWA,” Paul Kawata looks back at early advocates of the fight.

Care and Treatment

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The Quest to Cure Another Baby

After a 2-year-old child from Mississippi was functionally cured of HIV after an atypically aggressive antiretroviral (ARV) treatment shortly...

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Viral Suppression Without Drugs?

Early ARV therapy proves beneficial to fourteen French people who started treatment within two months of contracting HIV.

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The Genetic Fusion Inhibitor

Two new studies of gene therapies that operate like the fusion inhibitor class of antiretrovirals further the hopes that scientists may develo...

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New Retention Guidelines Urge Partnerships

A major roadblock against widespread viral suppression in the HIV population is the fact that many who test positive drop out of care.

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Mapping Viral and Immune Coevolution

For the first time, scientists have mapped the coevolution of HIV and the corresponding immune response in a single person, which has provided...

Research Notes

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Prevention: PrEP May Be Cost-Effective

Preventing HIV transmission by giving antiretrovirals to people at high risk of contracting the virus, known as pre-exposure prophylaxis...

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Treatement: Can Bees Sting Away HIV?

Tiny particles, or nanoparticles, embedded with a toxin called melittin that’s found in bee venom can destroy HIV while leaving surrounding ce...

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Cure: HDAC Inhibitors May Fight HIV Reservoir

Scientists at Merck Research Laboratories are looking into a potential way to bring resting HIV out of latency—a necessary step in ultim...

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Concerns: Hep C Transmission Among Gay Men

Sexual transmission of hep C among heterosexuals is rare (it’s mostly transmitted through needle sharing), but repeated studies have shown tha...

POZ Survey Says

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Accentuate the Negative

In 2012, the World Health Organization estimated that globally as many as half of all HIV-positive people in long-term relationships have HIV-...

POZ Heroes

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Chemical Crusader

As a retired pharmaceutical chemist, Long, who is HIV negative, was able to provide the activists and AIDS community with much-needed...


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