POZ April-May 2015

POZ April-May 2015

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The Course of His Life

Memory and activism in the art of Eric Rhein

Based on Her True Story

Music and action in the poetry of Mary Bowman

Art That Makes You Go Hmmm

An exclusive look at the upcoming ’Art AIDS America’ traveling exhibition

From the Editor

In Your Eyes

The partnership between the arts and the fight against the virus is far from dead.


January/February 2015 Burden of Proof spread

Letters-April/May 2015

Is criminalizing HIV ever a good idea? That’s the question Benjamin Ryan posed in the POZ magazine feature “Burden of Proof.”


Positive Purpose

Photographer and activist Duane Cramer aims to help reduce stigma and increase healing through his art.

POZ Planet

Mommies Dearest

HIV-related memoirs explore the bond between gay sons and strong mothers.

Forever Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s work remains of continued relevance and (we hope) it continues to bring enlightenment to all audiences.

Southern Serenity

Project Lazarus offers housing and wellness in New Orleans.

The Art of Making Love

Design your own condoms!

The American People by Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer’s Big Day

Larry Kramer’s making another comeback.

How To Change the FDA Gay Blood Donor Policy

GLAAD and GMHC enlisted actor Alan Cumming to get the word out about the FDA gay blood donor policy via a “Celibacy Challenge” campaign. 

Meet the Red Flamboyant Warriors

Red Flamboyant is Don Nguyen’s play about “female warriors in AIDS-stricken Vietnam.”


Love and Passion

This is an edited excerpt from an opinion piece titled “Art & AIDS: Amor y Pasión.”

Care and Treatment

Does HIV Hurt Your Hearing?

People living with HIV apparently have worse hearing than those who are HIV negative.

No More Excess Heart Attack Risk?

Risk may greatly reduced through antiretroviral treatment and proper attention to other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The First Year of HIV Infection: A Window of Opportunity

People who start HIV treatment within a year of contracting the virus appear to have a better chance of refurbishing their immune systems.

FDA Approves New Hep C Regimen

In December, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved AbbVie’s interferon-free hepatitis C virus regimen Viekira Pak to treat people..

Gum Disease Harms More Than Just the Mouth

Byproducts from bacteria that flourish as a result of gum disease can wake up resting HIV-infected cells.

Research Notes

Prevention: Mapping PrEP ’Hot Zones’

Targeting “hot zones” is apparently a much more effective way to roll out the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV.

Treatment: Redefined Pharma Partnerships

Pharmaceutical companies Janssen and Gilead Sciences have been working together to develop new single-tablet regimens (STRs) to treat HIV.

Cure: ’Boosting’ Killer Immune Cells

It’s possible to prime the immune system to kill the HIV-infected reservoir CD4 cells that frustrate cure attempts.

Concerns: Higher HIV Death Rates in the South

HIV hits the American South especially hard, according to an analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

SeroZero by GMHC

Two Pills Saved My Life. Two Shots Could Have Saved His.

Kyle’s viral load was undetectable. He was the healthiest person I knew. I never imagined meningitis would kill him.

Wait, What? Police Can Arrest You Simply for Having Condoms in Your Pocket?

In NYC, people are often illegally stopped, frisked, and arrested on suspicion of prostitution charges for merely possessing condoms. 

"I Love My Boo" subway poster

I Love My Boo

Originally featured in the bathrooms of gay bars, the prevention campaign, “I Love My Boo” was re-launched on December 15, 2014.

Dr. Kahn vs. The Delivery Guy: My Personal Fight Against Mandatory Mail Order Pharmacy

The safety and peace of mind provided by my relationship with my pharmacist made living with a long-term, chronic illness so much easier.

POZ Survey Says

Here’s To Your Health

Taking care of your overall health and well-being is just as important as taking your HIV meds. 

POZ Heroes

Making History

As director of operations at the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center, Ed Sparan gives tours of the facilities. 


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