POZ December 2015

POZ December 2015

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The POZ 100: Celebrating Long-Term Survivors

For the sixth annual POZ 100, we turn the spotlight on people who have been making a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS

From the Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

I Will Survive

The honorees are long-term survivors. Diagnosed with HIV in 1995 or earlier, they all were living with the virus before effective treatment.


Letters-December 2015

POZ’s fall cover story ’Suppression Superheroes’ (September 2015) featured a new program at New York City’s Housing Works.


Music in Action

Renowned jazz pianist and composer Fred Hersch, also a long-term HIV/AIDS survivor, celebrates his life at 60.

POZ Planet

"A Moment"

’I Still Remember’

A photography exhibit re-creates iconic moments many long-term survivors know.

POZ Magazine

Music for the HIV Masses

To celebrate his survival and to raise money for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Decker has recorded a Depeche Mode cover album.

’Hey, Don’t Forget About Us!’

Long-term survivors make a declaration.

POZ Magazine

Focusing On the Needs of Transgender People

Not to state the obvious, but the HIV-related needs of transgender people are not exactly the same as those of gay men or other men who have s...

POZ Magazine

Why Sex Work Should Be Legal

Just days after Amnesty International called for the decriminalization of sex work, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security raided the New Yo...

POZ Magazine

Don’t Miss a Beat

Sean Dorsey Dance gives voice—and much love—to a forgotten generation of AIDS survivors, including transgender people.


POZ Magazine

More Than AIDS

Aundaray Guess reflects on the meaning of his AIDS diagnosis in an excerpt of a recent POZ blog post. 

Research Notes

Prevention: Vaginal PrEP?

Experimental non-daily-dosing protocols for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) may offer high protection against HIV through anal sex.

POZ Magazine

Treatment: Weekly Antibody

A weekly injection of an HIV antibody boasted a 98 percent success rate in battling the virus among participants in a small study.

POZ Magazine

Cure: Gene Therapy

Researchers significantly reduced HIV levels in mice with a genetic therapy that prompts immune cells to better fight the virus.

POZ Magazine

Concerns: Youth Suppression

Just 7 percent of American youths recently diagnosed with HIV achieved an undetectable viral load during a recent two-year study

Care and Treatment

Is PrEP a Golden Gateway to HIV-Free Sex?

Two and a half years into a large program in San Francisco, none of the more than 650 men who have sex with men on PrEP have contracted HIV.

POZ Magazine

Implants and Injectables Are the Best Birth Control for Women With HIV

The most effective birth control methods for women with HIV are implants and injectable hormonal contraceptives.

POZ Magazine

’Boosters’ and Recreational Drugs--a Dangerous Mix?

Antiretrovirals used to boost the levels of other HIV meds are the most likely to have dangerous interactions with common recreational drugs

POZ Magazine

HIV Is No Major Barrier to Hep C Treatment Success

Recent trials of the latest hepatitis C virus medications have brought more good news for people coinfected with HCV and HIV.

POZ Survey Says

POZ Magazine

Ending AIDS

POZ asked for your thoughts about initiatives to end the AIDS epidemic in New York, Minnesota and Washington.

POZ Heroes

Positively Negative

The phrase long-term survivors is applied to people with HIV living with the virus for years. But what about HIV-negative people?


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